Dilemma of Kashmiri women highlighted in Geneva

Julie Ward urged for urgent resolution of the dispute so that the next generation could be saved from the trauma.
PUBLISHED 25 September 2017

Lodhi hits back at Sushma Swaraj, says India is mother of terrorism in South Asi

"Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav has confessed to committing terrorism in Pakistan," says Lodhi.
PUBLISHED 24 September 2017

Indian Nobel laureate terms Suu Kyi's silence on Rohingya crisis "bad and unacce

Fellow prize winners are hugely disappointed with Suu Kyi, says Kailash Satyarthi.
PUBLISHED 24 September 2017

Pakistan 'export factory for terror', says Sushma Swaraj at UNGA

"We produced scholars, doctors, engineers. What have you produced?" Indian FM asks.
PUBLISHED 24 September 2017

London International media Conference (IMC)

Declares formation of IMC working group of journalists, academics and jurists
PUBLISHED 24 September 2017

Pakistan won't be a 'scapegoat' in Afghan war, PM Abbasi tells UN General Assemb

“What Pakistan is not prepared to do is to fight the Afghan war on Pakistan's soil," says PM.
PUBLISHED 22 September 2017

Global NGOs in Geneva apprised of HR abuses in IoK

India has enacted various inhuman laws that facilitate human rights violations in the occupied territory, Kashmiri representatives.
PUBLISHED 22 September 2017

Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico

Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico’s southeast coast around daybreak, packing winds of around 1240 kilometres per hour.
PUBLISHED 21 September 2017

US gives $32m relief money for Rohingya ‘mass exodus’

The new money comes as the US joins a growing chorus of international condemnation over the minority group’s plight.
PUBLISHED 21 September 2017

Gilani condemns Delhi’s statement linking Rohingya refugees with terrorism

Says it was ridiculous to involve Pakistan in every issue.
PUBLISHED 20 September 2017
Here we lie in the world of modern era, in the world that would nearly put last nail in th
Today when I see this whole milieu full of terror, my mind latches some words that Kashmir
They say, ‘wars never end’. They are just draped by illusions of peace.
Those bodies with not a movement in them but still able to leave a family crying behind, ...
I can feel the real Kashmir breathing somewhere in those mud houses...
The memories of the last year that colored the Kashmir in red,...
Caught in the middle of tug of war ...
Fighting in the name of God is just out of greed not out of love for God...