Victims of pellet bullets protest against authorities’ apathy

Pellet gun victims staged a silent protest at Press Enclave in Srinagar, today, against the apathy of the authorities towards their plight.
PUBLISHED 19 August 2018

Demonstration in London against Indian state terrorism in IOK

British Kashmiris and Sikhs assembled outside the India High Commission in London to mark India’s Independence Day as Black Day and protest against the state terrorism of Modi administration.
PUBLISHED 17 August 2018

Youth Forum For Kashmir “Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of Pakistan’s independ

The massive presence of Indian occupation army in Kashmir has not stopped young Kashmir's from making preparations to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day through public displays of allegiance to Pakis
PUBLISHED 16 August 2018

Infrastructure building programme supported by World Bank lack implementation &

Only Rs 30 Cr spent from 1500 Cr available for the project funded after 2014 floods
PUBLISHED 13 August 2018

The Opposition leader in Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly (AJKLA), co

Addressing the media, Yaseen said that Aricle 35A debate in Indian Supreme Court is just a bid of Baratiya Janata Party (BJP) and Modi government to open the way for the settlement of Hindus in Kashmi
PUBLISHED 12 August 2018

Next UN human rights chief, Chile's Bachelet

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has reportedly picked former Chilean president to replace Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein. Michele Bachelet, a victim of torture under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinoch
PUBLISHED 12 August 2018

Dr Nazir Gilani said “Indian Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to interfere in K

The President of London-based Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR), Dr Syed Nazir Gilani has said that there is a collective feeling in Kashmir that radicals in India are behind the five
PUBLISHED 09 August 2018

Er Rashid claims, Talib harassed to push Kathua case under carpet

Awami Itihad Party (AIP) chairman and MLA Er Rashid on Wednesday alleged that communal forces are highly polarizing the situation in J&K and are using state machinery especially in police to bulldoze
PUBLISHED 09 August 2018

UN intervention needed against demographic change in Kashmir: Sardar Masood Khan

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan Tuesday called upon the United Nations (UN) to intercede in the matter pertaining to move by India to change the demography of Kashmir, under
PUBLISHED 08 August 2018

UN human rights chief says “he stands by report on human rights violations in In

"I will still stand by it," High Commissioner Zeid Raad al-Hussein said at a farewell news conference at the UN headquarters in New York on Thursday, referring to the report which India not only rejec
PUBLISHED 04 August 2018
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