A missing link

THE state here has accepted the challenge of getting undone the Narendra Modi government p
PUBLISHED 22 August 2019

Waking to war

THE United Nations Security Council has outdone Rip Van Winkle. He slept for 20 years and
PUBLISHED 22 August 2019

A new approach

MANY attempts have been made to establish and hold peace, reconcile and heal wounds during
PUBLISHED 21 August 2019

A moral victory

INDIA-HELD Kashmir and its people are not the only ones suffering the brunt of India’s cru
PUBLISHED 21 August 2019

Only if Kashmiris unite

KASHMIRIS are a fractious lot, not unlike anyone from Balochistan or Uttar Pradesh. And it
PUBLISHED 20 August 2019

Modi’s next move

FOR most in Pakistan, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move of revoking held Kashmir’
PUBLISHED 20 August 2019

Patriotism vs commercial interests

New Delhi’s actions in India-held Kashmir are despicable. There can be no two opinions abo
PUBLISHED 19 August 2019

Firdous urges media to collectively project national narrative on Kashmir

Special Assistant to the Pak Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ash
PUBLISHED 19 August 2019

Kashmir: India’s Afghanistan

WHEN the history of modern India is written, it is likely to record that the imperial ambi
PUBLISHED 18 August 2019

Status of J&K under international law

The Indian decision to repeal Article 370 of the Indian constitution is against internatio
PUBLISHED 17 August 2019

Destroying Kashmir

THE measures unleashed by Narendra Modi’s BJP government on Aug 5 are designed to go beyon
PUBLISHED 17 August 2019

Promises broken and kept

NO Indian prime minister could have stated his promise to Kashmiris more clearly, eloquent
PUBLISHED 17 August 2019

Revolt against tyranny

“Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort
PUBLISHED 15 August 2019

The Kashmir challenge

YET another intifada is on the cards in India-held Kashmir (IHK), which many believe would
PUBLISHED 11 August 2019

Post-370 options?

THE Modi government’s move to scuttle Article 370 and 35A was anticipated. Yet when it hap
PUBLISHED 11 August 2019

No brakes on Modi

THE recent Indian move to remove the ‘special status’ accorded to the part of Kashmir unde
PUBLISHED 10 August 2019

A robust response that’s viable too

INDIA’S callous annexation of the disputed territory of Kashmir and the repression that it
PUBLISHED 10 August 2019

Hegemony unhinged

NARENDRA Modi’s BJP government has sent the subcontinent spiralling towards a new and pote
PUBLISHED 09 August 2019

A dark dawn

KASHMIR — nature’s handmaiden — lies ravished by the BJP. India’s Minister of Home Affairs
PUBLISHED 08 August 2019

A sinister move

NARENDRA Modi’s risky and reckless move to divide and annex India-held Kashmir carries cat
PUBLISHED 07 August 2019

India Tempts Fate in Kashmir, ‘The Most Dangerous Place in the World’

The Indian government’s decision to revoke the semiautonomous status of Kashmir, accompani
PUBLISHED 06 August 2019

Laws of occupation

“WHEN I think of India, I think of many things,” Jawaharlal Nehru wrote once. “Of … some m
PUBLISHED 06 August 2019

A secular dream entombed

IT was Hari Singh, the erstwhile ruler of Kashmir, who originally granted the special stat
PUBLISHED 06 August 2019

Roads or death traps?

Transportation enables us to interact and share with one another the ideas, cultures and o
PUBLISHED 31 July 2019

Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan but some elements are against peace process: Pak FM

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi says Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan bu
PUBLISHED 29 July 2019

Pakistan PM,President pay tributes to sacrifices of armed forces personnel

Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan says he salutes the armed forces personnel who continue to
PUBLISHED 28 July 2019

The new normal

PAK PRIME MINISTER Imran Khan and US President Donald Trump presented quite a spectacle wh
PUBLISHED 26 July 2019

Khan-Trump Meeting

A lot of positive noises came from Washington surrounding the Trump-Khan meeting on Monday
PUBLISHED 24 July 2019

Don't push Kashmiris away

Events which have unfurled during the past few months have pushed people of Kashmir to the
PUBLISHED 22 July 2019

Friday Focus | Obstinacy of non-believers

It is ordained that non-believers are obstinate to the point of belief staying beyond thei
PUBLISHED 19 July 2019

An open letter

I am writing this letter on behalf of the scores of Anganwardi Workers working in differen
PUBLISHED 19 July 2019

Police arrest JI leader under draconian law PSA in IOK

In occupied Kashmir, Indian authorities have arrested the aged leader and former General S
PUBLISHED 17 July 2019

Destroying our environment

Kashmir known as Paradise on Earth bestowed with scenic beauty attracts people at local, n
PUBLISHED 16 July 2019

Together we can save the ENVIRONMENT!

The environmental problems are mounting towards a bigger trouble in future but we are yet
PUBLISHED 09 July 2019

Meeting POTUS

THE prime minister will meet the president of the US on July 22. The Foreign Office will p
PUBLISHED 08 July 2019

Faheem Bhat | Literary Entrepreneur rewriting rules of publishing in Kashmir

Last year when author turned entrepreneur Faheem Bhat decided to start a publishing house
PUBLISHED 07 July 2019

10 killed in US plane crash

At least ten people have died after a small aircraft crashed at an airport in Dallas, Texa
PUBLISHED 01 July 2019

Modi & states

NO sooner had Narendra Modi become prime minister than he began launching some pet program
PUBLISHED 29 June 2019

Friday Focus|Ya-Seen: the heart of Quran

Ya-Seen, the 36th chapter of Quran is often talked of and believed to be the heart of Qura
PUBLISHED 28 June 2019

The vanishing green belt!

One of the main causes for drastic climate change in the valley has been the indiscriminat
PUBLISHED 27 June 2019

Make space for women

Majlisi Mutahida Ulama Patron, Mirwaiz Mohammad Umar Farooq, recently talked ABOUT allowin
PUBLISHED 18 June 2019

Of People, Politics and Power

The result of 2014 General Elections have evoked considerable concern in Kashmir with resp
PUBLISHED 17 June 2019

Recent flash floods trigger drinking water, irrigation crisis in Baramulla areas

Recent flash floods damaged 70 water supply installations and 13 irrigation canals across
PUBLISHED 17 June 2019

Friday Focus|Law of Mukafat

No soul can ever take the burden of other, as per the Divine ‘Law of Mukafat’ the law of r
PUBLISHED 14 June 2019

Hindu extremism in India

The mix of growing Hindu extremism and the existence of large religious and cultural minor
PUBLISHED 13 June 2019

With the passing of Yusuf Buch, it is the end of an era articlesAdd comments

“My soul derives comfort from the belief that the participants in my funeral – whether fe
PUBLISHED 12 June 2019


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, populism is “a political approach that strives
PUBLISHED 04 June 2019

Action Plan on Waste Management-II

In my previous column I had explained in detail the flaws in Government’s Action Plan on S
PUBLISHED 02 June 2019

What does Modi's re-election mean for Kashmir?

The more Modi tries to choke Kashmir, the greater the possibility for the emergence of mor
PUBLISHED 01 June 2019

An open letter to Mr. Narendra Modi

I humbly conclude by requesting your goodself to listen to the voices of the conscience o
PUBLISHED 01 June 2019

Kashmir’s female graffiti artist: ‘I refuse to live like prisoner’

“Living in Kashmir is very difficult,” she said sitting aside a tree, wearing a scarf on h
PUBLISHED 01 June 2019

Solving the Kashmir Problem

India and Pakistan have now strong and stable governments. The leaders in both countries c
PUBLISHED 30 May 2019

India’s hardest fall

BY giving Modi’s BJP a landslide victory, the Indian electorate has dealt its country a bl
PUBLISHED 30 May 2019

How terminally-ill and poor patients suffer in Kashmir

While SKIMS and a group of GMC doctors have set up ‘special funds’ to chip in with some he
PUBLISHED 29 May 2019

Why did India never strike again after Pulwama?

Indians have special expertise in false flag operations, which they acquired from their Is
PUBLISHED 28 May 2019

Remembering Maulana Syed Muhammad Ashraf Andrabi (RA)

Syed Muhammad Ashraf Andrabi (RA) popularly known Maulana Andrabi, who is remembered with
PUBLISHED 28 May 2019

Pak-India trajectory

The shadow of history has darkened the two countries’ view of each other. The burden of th
PUBLISHED 27 May 2019

Return of Narendra Modi

The BJP’s victory in the battle for power in the world’s largest democracy has been most e
PUBLISHED 24 May 2019

If Modi returns

Unsurprisingly, the prospect of Modi’s return is most distressing for India’s minorities.
PUBLISHED 22 May 2019

Violence: Not an Islamic Ideal

God’s conceiving of man as vicegerent thereby allowing in him with a certain degree of in
PUBLISHED 20 May 2019

Kashmir, if the BJP loses the Lok Sabha

Three months ago, a title such as the one above would have been called wishful thinking. B
PUBLISHED 19 May 2019

Why India’s Largest Democracy Is In Critical Stage?

India claims to be the world’s largest democracy for seven decades. Maybe it is the larges
PUBLISHED 18 May 2019

Kashmir: a heap of ashes

As the Indian parliamentary election was held in the mainland India for 542 Lok Sabha seat
PUBLISHED 13 May 2019

Gunmen storm luxury hotel in Gwadar, 3 killed, 4 injured

Three security guards were killed and four people were injured when gunmen stormed the Pea
PUBLISHED 12 May 2019

Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir – first meeting

People of Kashmir, their sympathisers and human rights defenders have a sense of relief th
PUBLISHED 12 May 2019

Time magazine cover story says Narendra Modi is India’s ‘divider-in-chief’

The Time magazine has described Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as India’s “divider in
PUBLISHED 11 May 2019

Modi has failed in Kashmir

Even early on, when he was not considered national leadership material by his party, Naren
PUBLISHED 10 May 2019

Suicide emerging as a major psycho-social issue in Kashmir

Suicide is emerging as a serious psycho-social issue in Kashmir as the tertiary care SMHS
PUBLISHED 09 May 2019

A sigh of relief that elections are over, In south Kashmir

After a day of violence caused by holding of elections for the lower house of Indian Parl
PUBLISHED 08 May 2019


"War does not feel far away here," says Hajji Mohammed Hussain as he picks up the remains
PUBLISHED 07 May 2019

Pakistan and Kashmir

The brutal attitude of the Indian army in Kashmir proved that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was righ
PUBLISHED 07 May 2019

Lowest Polling Ever: The Complete Story

It took a while to locate government school building in Keegam, Shopian, where seven polli
PUBLISHED 07 May 2019

What it’s like to be a young Muslim in Uttar Pradesh after voting for Modi

The communal Hindu now taunts Muslims with impunity. The secular parties just ignore their
PUBLISHED 07 May 2019

Modi’s threat

INDIA’S election continues to move apace — sadly, to the beat of war drums. In recent week
PUBLISHED 06 May 2019

Ground realities in Kashmir

The held Kashmir has changed over the years, something which the Modi Sarkar does not seem
PUBLISHED 06 May 2019

The media’s code of silence on Kashmir

The Indian media boasts an illustrious history. Born during the freedom struggle against t
PUBLISHED 03 May 2019

The myth of a secular India

In an India where 75 percent live on less than $2 a day, the "wealth of the 1 percent (Ind
PUBLISHED 02 May 2019

Modi’s India is not ‘shining’ anymore

Modi’s fear infested election campaign underscored with the claim to wage a nuclear war a
PUBLISHED 30 April 2019

Modi’s shifting narrative

This election will go down in India’s history as the most communally toxic and hate-filled
PUBLISHED 26 April 2019

Violations and the LoC

Larger, serious and prolonged ceasefire violations occur due to lack of written down bila
PUBLISHED 24 April 2019

Winning with empathy

It has been called the world’s largest election. Next door in India, a seven-phase vote to
PUBLISHED 24 April 2019

Line that cuts

This week my neigbour suffered a bereavement. A painful moment in any human life, this dea
PUBLISHED 13 April 2019

BJP’s manifesto another stride

Past few years of Modi government have shown how unkind and heartless BJP rule is towards
PUBLISHED 11 April 2019

Pellet gun use in occupied Kashmir violates human rights

Control of Jammu and Kashmir is the core dispute between Pakistan and India. It is regarde
PUBLISHED 06 April 2019

IOK as the Highest Militarized Zone of the World

For every 5/6 local Kashmiris, there is one personnel of the Indian Armed Forces to keep t
PUBLISHED 04 April 2019

A voice for the people of Kashmir

PUBLISHED 04 April 2019

First ever study shows 60% pellet victims suffer blindness of various degrees

A latest study, and the first to evaluate vision in pellet-injured eyes, has revealed that
PUBLISHED 26 March 2019

Nobel Peace Prize anyone?

IS India a paper tiger? Not quite. But Modi’s rush to be judge, jury and executioner in or
PUBLISHED 09 March 2019

Our Captured, Wounded Hearts: Arundhati Roy On Balakot, Kashmir And India

By deploying the IAF, Narendra Modi has ensured that Kashmir is conclusively international
PUBLISHED 05 March 2019

Solution to Kashmir problem is political, not military, ex-Navy chief tells president

An opinion from India Admiral Laxminarayan Ramdas said no amount of force as part of the
PUBLISHED 24 February 2019

As India beats its war drums over Pulwama, its occupation of Kashmir is being ignored

Hafsa Kanjwal is an assistant professor in South Asian history at Lafayette College. Her P
PUBLISHED 23 February 2019

Kashmir — multiple perspectives?

JUST recently, I read a preview of a book of an Indian author, Major General Kuldip Singh
PUBLISHED 22 February 2019

India’s malicious campaign against Pakistan: Faizah Gilani

According to a recent Al Jazeera report, India has deported at least 1,300 Rohingya refuge
PUBLISHED 09 February 2019

One Grave, Two Death bodues!

*Civilian deaths have been on the increase since 2017, when the Indian government launched
PUBLISHED 10 December 2018

Youngest pellet gun victim of Kashmir may lose complete sight

Hiba Nasir a 18 months Kashmir's youngest pellet gun victim. Authorities have described he
PUBLISHED 08 December 2018

British Raj left a thorn in India & Pakistan

It would not be wrong to say that the British Raj left a thorn, Kashmir, which has been c
PUBLISHED 05 December 2018

Goodwill dissipated

Prime Minister Imran Khan hadn’t even inaugurated the Kartarpur corridor before Indian Ext
PUBLISHED 03 December 2018

Violence against women in conflict zones

UN Women is all set to mark 16 days of activism against gender-based violence but unfortun
PUBLISHED 29 November 2018

No settlement is possible without the consent of all three parties

Negotiations on Kashmir were held from Nov 1, 1947, onwards during a war. That day, Quaid-
PUBLISHED 18 November 2018

The Tale of Two Nations!!!

Kashmir's today are fond of drawing comparisons between their recent history and that of t
PUBLISHED 15 November 2018

Criminal conduct in Kashmir

The reports of UN Secretary General published on 16 May 2018 launched in New York, UN High
PUBLISHED 11 November 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Jammu’s Martyrs day: Miseries and Plight of the Muslims of Jammu

I pay profound tribute to more than 2 Lacs and 37 Thousands Muslims (Times of London of Oc
PUBLISHED 09 November 2018

IOK is a story of brutalities

THE IOK is a story of brutalities, oppression, state terrorism by India and never-ending m
PUBLISHED 07 November 2018

Indian brutalities and human rights violations in the Indian Held Kashmir

The All Party Parliamentarian Group of the UK Parliament comprising more than 70 parliamen
PUBLISHED 05 November 2018

Kashmir struggle for freedom!

Over the past three decades, the struggle for freedom and rights in India-held Kashmir has
PUBLISHED 04 November 2018

Our present approach is not getting the Kashmiris anywhere!

The Kashmiri leadership is disappointed. Here is what Mirwaiz Umar Farooq tweeted on Oct 2
PUBLISHED 03 November 2018

Report of All Parties Parliamentary Group (APPG) of British Parliament on HR violations in IOK

Thanks to the All Parties Parliamentary Group (APPG) of British Parliament for preparing a
PUBLISHED 01 November 2018

Last four-and-a-half years have been a real testing time for the Kashmiri nation

The last 71 years have seen [India-held] Jammu and Kashmir groaning under occupation. Howe
PUBLISHED 29 October 2018

Kashmir heaven on earth

The thrill of adventure was truly felt during the journey with the hint of danger being fe
PUBLISHED 22 October 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Scholar turned Freedom Fighter, Manan Wani: Symbol of Courage and Resistance in IOK

Indian occupational forces have mercilessly and objectively assassinated Manan Wani, a Ph.
PUBLISHED 14 October 2018

Books to Guns!

Those that call the shots in Delhi, especially those tasked with overseeing Kashmir policy
PUBLISHED 13 October 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Election or Selection: A Military Parade in the highest Militarized Zone of the World in IOK

India has planned a drama of the Panchayat elections in IOK to stage a drama of the democr
PUBLISHED 11 October 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Gandhi’s Philosophy of Non Violence inspires everyone except the Oppressor state of India

The International Day of Non Violence is observed every year on October 02 that is the bir
PUBLISHED 07 October 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Letter of Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) to United Nations to resolve Kashmir Issue

The Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir wrote a special
PUBLISHED 04 October 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Indian Leaders preferred Politics over Peace & Threats over Dialogue on Kashmir

I really appreciate the historic address of Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Foreign Minister of Paki
PUBLISHED 01 October 2018

Resistance of Kashmiri’s against brutality of indian’s and from last four-and-a-half years have been a real testing time for the Kashmiri nation.

Since the very first day of India’s independence, Hindu nationalists have dreamed of mergi
PUBLISHED 28 September 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Kashmir Issue at the United Nations General Assembly

Pakistan decides to highlight the issue of Kashmir at the forum of United Nations General
PUBLISHED 27 September 2018

Indo – Pakistan Antagonism and its impact on Kashmir

The situation on the diplomatic fronts between India and Pakistan is full of animus and co
PUBLISHED 26 September 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

India Refuses to Explore Avenues of Peace with Pakistan on the Eve of World Peace Day

Unfortunately, Indian Government cancelled the meeting of the Foreign Minister of Pakistan
PUBLISHED 23 September 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

PM Pakistan letter to India for the Resumption of Dialogue Process between India and Pakistan over Kashmir Issue

After a long stand - off on the composite dialogue process between India and Pakistan over
PUBLISHED 22 September 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

New President of Pakistan pledged unconditional support for Kashmiris

The newly elected President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi demanded for the right to self-dete
PUBLISHED 19 September 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Turkey support for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir Issue

The support of International community for resolution of Conflict of Jammu and Kashmir is
PUBLISHED 18 September 2018

Made by history

New Delhi cashed in on Bakshi’s dependent status by insidiously undermining democratic ins
PUBLISHED 18 September 2018

Internet Witticism In Kashmir!!!

The world of today is altogether in contradiction to the times of the previous ages. Techn
PUBLISHED 17 September 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Indian religious, cultural and legal imperialism over Indian Occupied Kashmir

India is trying all its possible endeavors to impose its imperialism over the Indian occup
PUBLISHED 15 September 2018

Buried Evidence - Kashmir

Isn’t it time that an independent commission delve into this whole issue of the unmarked g
PUBLISHED 14 September 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

New UN Human Rights Chief Remarks on the UN Report on Jammu and Kashmir

The new United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet who succeeded Zeid
PUBLISHED 13 September 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Role of International Media to highlight the Conflict of Jammu and Kashmir

The media can play a positive role in presenting the different dimensions of any conflict
PUBLISHED 10 September 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Resolution of Kashmir Issue and Regional Peace

The question of Jammu and Kashmir lies at the core of the mutual relationships between Pak
PUBLISHED 07 September 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

New Government of Pakistan and its Policy towards Conflict of Jammu and Kashmir

After the most debated general elections in Pakistan in the month of July, now a new gover
PUBLISHED 03 September 2018

Eid Of Sacrifice

As always over the past three decades, this year’s Eid-ul-Adha follows a troubled period.
PUBLISHED 24 August 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Debate over Article 35 – A and conflict of Jammu and Kashmir

Nowadays, India is trying to abrogate the Article 35 – A of the Indian constitution which
PUBLISHED 24 August 2018

Kashmir, international discourse vs local realities

The intractability of the Kashmir conflict has made advocates of conflict resolution rathe
PUBLISHED 21 August 2018

Face-Off Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s posture towards Kashmir has been even more aggressiv
PUBLISHED 20 August 2018

A legal perspective Kashmir issue

Let the generals take the initiative to persuade their governments by taking a leaf from G
PUBLISHED 17 August 2018

Why Are Kashmiris Defending Article 35A?

Article-370, which confers special status on Jammu and Kashmir, has been the thorn in the
PUBLISHED 08 August 2018

India exposed by UN HR report on Kashmir

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein will be leaving his post on Au
PUBLISHED 06 August 2018

Electoral Use Of Kashmir

As the rising decibel of rhetoric from the ruling BJP and the opposition parties underline
PUBLISHED 04 August 2018

Increase of Hindu nationalism has further fuel hatred in Kashmir, “Many Kashmiris now hate India”: NYT Report

The rise of Hindu nationalism in India, which has deeply alienated its Muslim minority and
PUBLISHED 03 August 2018

The plight of Indian minorities

According to Human Rights Watch World Report 2018, the Indian government failed to stop or
PUBLISHED 28 July 2018

Effect of heavy constant violence on mental health in Kashmir

Besides physical harm, the Valley is struggling with a mental health crisis that has only
PUBLISHED 27 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Divided Kashmiri families and the conflict of Jammu & Kashmir

One of the worst and humanitarian aspects of the longstanding and complex conflict of Jamm
PUBLISHED 26 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

UN Secretary General calls the office of the UNHCR report as its own voices

The people of IOK should warmly welcome the statement made by the United Nations Secretary
PUBLISHED 24 July 2018

Human Rights in Kashmir

The main reason India has been able to get away with its brutal occupation of Kashmir for
PUBLISHED 23 July 2018

Modi’s growing aggression in Kashmir

When Narendra Modi took oath as the PM of India in 2014, the possibility of these dangerou
PUBLISHED 18 July 2018

First Half of Kashmiri freedom movement in 2018

More than 6 months of the year 2018 have passed and so did the Indian Army’s efforts to ta
PUBLISHED 17 July 2018

Change in global opinion

A historic report by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on widespread hu
PUBLISHED 16 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Elections in Pakistan vis a vis Conflict of Jammu and Kashmir

Pakistan has been undergoing through a dynamic and widespread election campaign for the up
PUBLISHED 14 July 2018

Icon of Kashmir freedom fight

Burhan Muzaffar Wani has taken the Kashmiris a step closer to freedom. Even two years afte
PUBLISHED 12 July 2018

Sopore’s forgotten martyrs of 1931

The fenced old martyrs’ graveyard at the main square in Sopore lies in a state of neglect.
PUBLISHED 12 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Conflict of Jammu and Kashmir as International Armed Conflict under IHL

International Law recognizes the war of national liberations as International Armed Confli
PUBLISHED 11 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Aasia Andarabi: Symbol of Resistance and Struggle in IOK

Women have made great marks in the resistance politics and freedom struggle in the Indian
PUBLISHED 11 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

New Spirit of the Kashmir Struggle in post Burhan Wani’s Scenario

As a matter of fact, youth was disengaged and disenchanted and was under severe shadow of
PUBLISHED 09 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Post Burhan Wani’s Mayhems and violations of International Human Rights Standards

The assassination of Burhan Wani triggered agitations and mass uprisings across the IOK an
PUBLISHED 06 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Dilemma of Half Widows in IOK

The situation of IOK is very fragile and people of IOK have been sufferings from ongoing s
PUBLISHED 06 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Tragedy of the Disable Pellet Victims of IOK

The people of IOK have been the worst victims of the instruments and policies of subjugati
PUBLISHED 03 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Ironical statement of General Bipin Rawat on Military operations in IOK

The Indian Army has been carrying out worst operation against the innocent people of IOK w
PUBLISHED 02 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Youth Activism and Kashmir Struggle

The armed struggle of 90’s abated during the Indo – Pakistan peace process in 2004, the wo
PUBLISHED 01 July 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

New Legal Approach to the Conflict of Jammu and Kashmir

There are many plausible and logical arguments as well as the well founded principles of I
PUBLISHED 29 June 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Role of Women in Kashmir Struggle

The women in IOK have been subjected to the worst forms of suppression and persecution in
PUBLISHED 28 June 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Resolve Kashmir’s Conundrum and Ensure Peaceful South Asia!

The conflict of Jammu and Kashmir is not a religious or personal issue rather it is a free
PUBLISHED 27 June 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

India’s policy to sabotage the application of International Law in IOK

The International community must bring to bear moral and economic pressure on India to rec
PUBLISHED 25 June 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

UK Parliament (APPGK) Report on IOK

This report has great symbolical significance and relevancy in the current ongoing politic
PUBLISHED 22 June 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

Break up in Indian Occupied Kashmir and Governor's Rule

The four yearlong unnatural alliance between the PDP and BJP for the coalition government
PUBLISHED 20 June 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

A Voice silenced

Syed Shujaat Bukhari was the renowned Journalist, Researcher, Editor in Chief of the leadi
PUBLISHED 19 June 2018
Mir Adnan Rahman

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Report

Thanks to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for recognizing the gross
PUBLISHED 15 June 2018

Pulwama protest over desecration of Sameer Tiger’s grave

“Does my son scare them from the grave?” asks Muhammad Maqbool Bhat, after the grave of hi
PUBLISHED 31 May 2018

As Patwaris’ strike enters 17th day, common people suffer across Kashmir

Routine work badly hit at Patwari offices
PUBLISHED 31 May 2018

Hurriyat (G) expresses concern over detainees’ plight

Expressing serious concern over the miserable plight of political prisoners and ongoing al
PUBLISHED 31 May 2018

Mirwaiz welcomes Indo-Pak decision to ensure peace on LOC

Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Wednesday welcomed the decision o
PUBLISHED 31 May 2018

Ambigous talks process not acceptable: JRL

Srinagar, May 29 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the Joint Resistance Leadership has emphasize
PUBLISHED 30 May 2018

JRL urge SHRC to inquire into beating of Kashmiri prisoner

Last November, the JRL comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Yaseen Malik and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq a
PUBLISHED 30 May 2018

Shopian shuts on 9th death anniversary of Asiya, Nelofar

The incident had led to widespread protests across the valley with people demanding justic
PUBLISHED 30 May 2018

Mirwaiz says 'atrocities of forces again at full display' in Shopian villages

Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Tuesday condemned the “vandalising
PUBLISHED 30 May 2018

Forces’ action against civilians in Shopian revengeful: Yasin Malik

Condemns killing of Pulwama youth
PUBLISHED 30 May 2018

Ceasefire announcement a hoax: Geelani

Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani today expressed deep concern over the go
PUBLISHED 30 May 2018

Family blames army for killing son in Kakapora shooting

On Sunday evening, Bilal Ahmad Ganie, a cab driver, broke his fast and left with his broth
PUBLISHED 29 May 2018

9 years since Asiya and Neelofar died, Ahangar’s fight for justice unrelenting

‘I will fight for my sister and wife until my last breath’
PUBLISHED 29 May 2018

Sopore 2011 student killing: SHRC summons police inspector Gazanfar Ali

The police in its report had stated that “the body was taken to SDH Sopore, where it was m
PUBLISHED 29 May 2018

No trace of Ganderbal missing engineering youth

"We are continuing investigation into it," he said.
PUBLISHED 29 May 2018

Budgam minor rape case: Police launches manhunt for accused

Jammu and Kashmir police on Monday launched a manhunt to arrest a 22-year-old man accused
PUBLISHED 29 May 2018

Ensure Zakat reaches directly to deserving: Mirwaiz Umar

Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M) and Mutahida Majlis-e-Ulema patron Mirwaiz Umar Farooq te
PUBLISHED 29 May 2018

Geelani says New Delhi reviving Ikhwan culture

Paying rich tributes to Bilal Ahmad Ganie, a civilian, who was killed in firing in Pulwama
PUBLISHED 29 May 2018

Ramadhan ceasefire a farce: LeT

Lashkar-e-Taiba on Monday said that Ramadhan ceasefire was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir to
PUBLISHED 29 May 2018

Yasin Malik grieved about Prof Shafi’s demise

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik has expressed profound
PUBLISHED 29 May 2018

‘Sama Shabir role model for young students’

Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani has congratulated the daughter of incarc
PUBLISHED 29 May 2018

Lone bread winner in Sumbal blinded by pellets

“He was not pelting stones that day. He was busy with his own work. He was a street vendor
PUBLISHED 28 May 2018

Tral shuts to remember Hizb commander Sabzar, Faizan on their first death anniversary

All shops and other business establishments remained closed in the town while public trans
PUBLISHED 28 May 2018

Police to crackdown on ‘keypad jehadis’

The Jammu and Kashmir Police has a new task at hand -- identify the 'keypad jehadis' who s
PUBLISHED 28 May 2018

Treat women with respect and honour: Mirwaiz tells people

Addresses religious gathering at Dastgeer Sahab shrine; pays tributes to Hazrat Khadija (R
PUBLISHED 28 May 2018

Patwaris pen down strike enters day 14

Aggrieved stage protest demonstrations across state
PUBLISHED 28 May 2018

Civilian, soldier killed in Pulwama attack

The injured were rushed to the hospital where a civilian identified as Bilal Ahmad Ganie-
PUBLISHED 28 May 2018

If Delhi is serious for talks, it must engage all parties involved in ‘K-issue’: DFP

Reacting to Union home minister Rajnath Singh’s statement about talks, Democratic Freedom
PUBLISHED 28 May 2018

State denying political space to leadership: Geelani

Condemns forces’ action in Jamia Masjid
PUBLISHED 27 May 2018

Stop military approach or face protests: Mirwaiz to govt

Visits SMHS hospital, meets people injured in forces action; joins sit-in organised by old
PUBLISHED 27 May 2018

Attack on Jamia Masjid unacceptable: National Front

Spilling blood of worshippers on the floor of Jamia Masjid clearly indicates that either t
PUBLISHED 27 May 2018

JRL blames heavy deployment of forces for tension in Downtown

‘Jamia Masjid voices Kashmiri aspirations’
PUBLISHED 27 May 2018

Arwani protests arrest of 5 youths

He identified the arrested youth as Muhamad Rafiq Najar, Mudasir Ahmad Malik, Saqib Rashid
PUBLISHED 26 May 2018

UMAR QAYOOM 2010 ‘CUSTODIAL’ DEATH: Counsel pleads for magisterial inquiry

The family of deceased teenager has been exploring every option to get the FIR registered
PUBLISHED 26 May 2018

Unity key to our success: Yasin Malik

Condemns pellet firing on civilians at Nowhatta
PUBLISHED 26 May 2018

Police to consider Mirwaiz Umar’s proposition for peace on Fridays

DGP says ‘easy to propose, very difficult to act’
PUBLISHED 26 May 2018

Kashmiri detainees in Tihar Jail facing toughest time of their lives: DFP

Condemns pellet firing on civilians inside Jamia Masjid
PUBLISHED 26 May 2018

‘Moulana Barkati languishing in jails since 2016 under frivolous charges’

His whereabouts not known for past 3 days: Yasin Malik
PUBLISHED 24 May 2018

Hurriyat (M) PaK chapter pays tributes to Mirwaiz Farooq, AG Lone

Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) chapter of Hurriyat Conference (M) has paid glowing t
PUBLISHED 24 May 2018

Central, state govts indifferent to miseries of border residents: Mian Altaf

Urges Leadership Of India, Pakistan To End Hostilities
PUBLISHED 24 May 2018


Consumers Lay Blame On Civil Supplies Department
PUBLISHED 23 May 2018

How Rohingya girl was sold to a Kashmiri? High Court asks Govt

The Custody Of The Minor Victim Was Handed Over To Her Uncle Last November
PUBLISHED 23 May 2018

Geelani condemns army firing on civilians in Shopian

Hurriyat (G) to hold Nuzool-i-Quran conference on May 27
PUBLISHED 23 May 2018

Masarat Alam produced before court, shifted back to Kot B alwal Jail

The incarcerated chairman of Muslim League Jammu and Kashmir Masarat Aalam Bhat, who was b
PUBLISHED 23 May 2018

Hajj 2018: Provisionally selected list of pilgrims issued

“The pilgrims have been asked to submit their original international machine-readable pass
PUBLISHED 23 May 2018

‘Time for mainstream, separatist groups to unite’

In a freewheeling interview with PTI here, Abdullah, a three-time former chief minister, s
PUBLISHED 22 May 2018

‘Govt for earliest shifting of CUK to Ganderbal’

The leadership said that the complete shutdown observed by the people across the Valley am
PUBLISHED 22 May 2018

Attempts to obstruct justice in Kathua case bring back memories of earlier denial

The register of such crimes against the people is long, and so is the saga of systematic d
PUBLISHED 22 May 2018

Hizb pays tribute to Mirwaiz Farooq, AG Lone

While paying rich tributes to late Molvi Muhammad Farooq, late Abdul Gani Lone and the m
PUBLISHED 22 May 2018

ISI’s leverage on 90s militancy was less than successful: Durrani

We didn’t want it to go out of control, which would lead to a war that neither side wanted
PUBLISHED 22 May 2018

Modi’s narrative did not produce positive effect in Kashmir: Soz

Former union minister and senior Congress leader, Prof. Saifuddin Soz on Monday said that
PUBLISHED 22 May 2018

Ganderbal protests non-availability of ambulance driver

Locals blocked the Srinagar-Manigam bypass and staged a massive protest, seeking action ag
PUBLISHED 21 May 2018

Modi’s visit to JK ‘a mere military operation’: Geelani

Says no nation has been enslaved through economic privileges, development lollypops
PUBLISHED 21 May 2018

Mirwaiz Farooq, Khawaja Lone represent essence of unity: Yasin Malik

He also applauded Mirwaiz Farooq for his efforts for the return and recovery of Moyay Muqa
PUBLISHED 21 May 2018

Development won’t achieve anything unless political issue is settled: HCBA

“Bar strongly refutes the assertion of Prime Minister Narender Modi, that the development,
PUBLISHED 21 May 2018

Modi’s speech distortion of history, ground situation: Er Rashid

“Narendra Modi has disappointed not only Kashmiris but people all across the sub-continent
PUBLISHED 21 May 2018


A patch of road near Babadem has caved up posing threat to the lives of people.
PUBLISHED 21 May 2018

Tributes paid to Molvi Farooq, Abdul Gani Lone

Various separatist and other organization’s on Sunday paid rich tributes late Mirwaiz Muha
PUBLISHED 21 May 2018

New York Times urges United States to help resolve Kashmir imbroglio

‘Heavy-Handed Tactics May Hold Territory, But They Lose The Population’
PUBLISHED 20 May 2018

Pak concerned over inaguration of Kishenganga project

"Pakistan believes that the inauguration of the project without the resolution of the disp
PUBLISHED 19 May 2018

Omar hits out at CM after militants decamp with rifles in Srinagar

Opposition National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on Friday asked chief minister Mehboob
PUBLISHED 19 May 2018

Solidarity with Palestinians: JKLF leaders, activists stage sit-in at Lal Chowk

We stand by oppressed Palestinians, against Zionist terrorism: Yasin Malik.
PUBLISHED 19 May 2018

Hafta-e-Shahadat AAC organises free medical camp

Doctors from the Unani Medicine steam afrom the Haya hospital also participated in the cam
PUBLISHED 19 May 2018

Khan Sopori’s family loses hopes of release again

SOPORE: The family of Hurriyat leader and Peoples League Chairman Ghulam Mohammad Khan Sop
PUBLISHED 18 May 2018

HC accepts session judge’s report on Kupwara man’s killing

‘Man died in Army firing, not in militancy related incident’
PUBLISHED 18 May 2018

Police, other security agencies will sabotage ceasefire: Rashid

‘They have vested interest in violence’
PUBLISHED 18 May 2018

Ahead of Modi’s visit, farmers, landowners stage protest

Seek Higher Compensation For Land Acquired For Semi-Ring Road
PUBLISHED 18 May 2018

Pak army statement on talks very positive: PDP

Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday termed the Pakistan army’s statement in which
PUBLISHED 18 May 2018

Kashmiris want permanent halt to war thrust on them: JRL

Call Centre’s ceasfire announcement ‘operation halt’, ‘cruel joke’
PUBLISHED 18 May 2018

‘Modi’s visit aimed at misleading world on Kashmir dispute’

Srinagar, May 16 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) compris
PUBLISHED 17 May 2018

Omar targets BJP over construction by Speaker’s family

Opposition National Conference leader Omar Abdullah today targeted the BJP over the issue
PUBLISHED 17 May 2018

MLAs who switch should be banned from contesting polls for one term: Omar

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah today said MLAs who switch parties s
PUBLISHED 17 May 2018

Youth are stakeholders in peace: Safina Beig

Interaction cum meeting held at Ganderbal
PUBLISHED 17 May 2018

From Tihar Jail, Shabir Shah salutes ‘great sacrifices’ of youth in Kashmir

Incarcerated senior pro-resistance leader and Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (DFP)
PUBLISHED 17 May 2018

Rulers responsible for chaotic situations in J&K: Geelani

‘State turned into garrison ahead of Modi’s visit’
PUBLISHED 17 May 2018

Denying ceasefire betrayal of Vajpayee’s political theory : Rafi Mir

Taking a strong note about ally BJP opposing ceasefire in the holy month of Ramadan, PDP c
PUBLISHED 16 May 2018

Omar invokes Shakespeare to describe Congress defeat

Similar words were uttered by Julius Caesar in Shakespeare''s sublime tragedy when Caesar'
PUBLISHED 16 May 2018

Deport Pakistani national to his country in 2 months, HC tells govt

Akhtar Ul Islam Malik Teeli Was Arrested In 2011, Booked Under PSA In September Last Year.
PUBLISHED 16 May 2018

Lawyers protest against missing advocate’s arrest

The lawyers said his whereabouts were not known after he received a call from the office o
PUBLISHED 16 May 2018

Separatists condemn bloodshed of Palestinians by Israeli forces

Pro-resistance leaders and groups have strongly condemned use of brute force against the u
PUBLISHED 16 May 2018

Yasin Malik condemns lawyer’s arrest

Expresses grief over demise of GK correspondent’s mother
PUBLISHED 16 May 2018

6 injured as police use force to disperse teachers

At least six teachers were injured and dozens detained after police used force to foil the
PUBLISHED 15 May 2018

Hate speech against Muslims online is common, says a Sydney-based Institute

According to a report on “online hate against Muslims,” OHPI has described “anti-Muslim ha
PUBLISHED 15 May 2018

SC to hear Article 35-A on Aug 16

Four petitions have been filed, demanding scrapping of Article 35A in Jammu and Kashmir.
PUBLISHED 15 May 2018

Rape figures third in list of crimes against J&K women

Out of the nine percent women (ever married) who have experienced spousal or sexual violen
PUBLISHED 14 May 2018

Shamima Firdous urges police to arrest hate monger Ashish Kaul

Former chairperson State Women’s Commission and National Conference leader Shamima Firdous
PUBLISHED 14 May 2018

Malik condemns slapping of PSA on Jamaat leaders

JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Sunday said that incarcerating people for participating
PUBLISHED 14 May 2018

CIVILIAN, MILITANT KILLINGS: Shopian, Pulwama remain shut for 5th day

“Barring a small pelting incident in Gagran area, the town by and large remained peaceful,
PUBLISHED 11 May 2018

Wailing fathers ask ‘why our innocent sons were killed?’

When first bullet hit his arm Zubair cried ‘Oh mother’ | 19-year-old Asif had a wonderful
PUBLISHED 11 May 2018

‘SAVE DROP’: Srinagar boy develops app to make blood donations easier

First Of Its Kind In J&K, App Builds Up Database And Provides Donors In Close Vicinity Of
PUBLISHED 11 May 2018

Omar hits out at Mehbooba after BJP rejects Ramadhan truce in Kashmir

Launching a scathing attack on chief minister Mehbooba Mufti, opposition National Conferen
PUBLISHED 11 May 2018

Chidambaram shifting his stance astonishing: Mehboob Beg

Former Parliamentarian and senior PDP leader Dr Mehboob Beg on Thursday lambasted former H
PUBLISHED 11 May 2018

Selective outrage over killing of innocents shocking: DeM

Castigating the government for keeping the party chairperson, Aasiya Andrabi and others in
PUBLISHED 11 May 2018

Rawat’s remarks a threat, show Mehbooba’s failure: Opposition

Army chief Bipin Rawat’s remarks—“Azadi is not possible, you cannot fight us”—have been sh
PUBLISHED 11 May 2018

KU students protest their professor’s killing

Similar Demos At IUST, CUK Against Civilian Killings
PUBLISHED 10 May 2018

Mirwaiz terms all-party meet farce, asks govt to deliver justice in civilian killings

Seven civilians were killed in protests that erupted after twin gunfights in Srinagar and
PUBLISHED 10 May 2018

If New Delhi does not offer dialogue, say jointly won’t contest any election: MLA Rashid tells all parties

Reiterating that right to self-determination was the “only solution” to Kashmir dispute,
PUBLISHED 10 May 2018

CUK students protest against Kashmir killings

Reports said scores of students from various departments of the university assembled on th
PUBLISHED 10 May 2018

Pro-India leaders have pawned their conscience to Delhi: Mirwaiz

Srinagar, May 08 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the Chairman of Hurriyat forum, Mirwaiz Umar
PUBLISHED 09 May 2018

People’s voice for political rights muzzled with military might: Geelani

‘New Delhi has turned JK into military garrison’
PUBLISHED 09 May 2018

Kashmir situation worst ever: Congress

‘Instead of calling all-party meet, Mehooba should restrain the forces’
PUBLISHED 09 May 2018

Koul Commission report on 2010 killings would not be made public: Govt to HC

The government on Tuesday informed the High Court that it would not make public report of
PUBLISHED 09 May 2018

Hurriyat (M) pays tributes to Khanyar martyrs on 27th anniversary

Paying glowing tributes to the martyrs of Khanyar, Srinagar on their 27th martyrdom annive
PUBLISHED 09 May 2018

MMU defers ulema meet

Mutahida Majlis ulema has deferred the special meeting of the ulema which was scheduled to
PUBLISHED 09 May 2018

‘Allah is with you, be steadfast’: Mother’s last words to her dying son

Tauseef Is The 15th Member Of Kulgam’s Sheikh Family Who Laid Down Their Lives
PUBLISHED 08 May 2018

SHRC seeks report on civilian killings in Baramulla, Shopian

The State Human Rights Commission on Monday sought a report from deputy commissioner and S
PUBLISHED 08 May 2018

Mehbooba has no right to be in office: MLA Rasheed during protest against Shopian civilian killings

“Mehbooba Mufti has no right to be in office. She must resign. That is all what we want,”
PUBLISHED 08 May 2018

Mehbooba should accept her failure and step down: Omar

‘Youth feel betrayed; being pushed against the wall’
PUBLISHED 08 May 2018

AIP's march to secretariat foiled, many detained

Despite restrictions hundreds joined the march led by AIP chairman and MLA Langate Er. Ras
PUBLISHED 08 May 2018

Kathua rape and murder case: Never demanded a CBI probe: Kavinder Gupta

“Those who have committed the crime should be given exemplary punishment.”
PUBLISHED 08 May 2018

Police rebut reports of gunfight in Pulwama

He said this unverifiable news report is strongly rebutted.
PUBLISHED 08 May 2018

KATHUACASE AFTERMATH: PMS fact-finding team rejects CBI probe demand, defends Crime Branch investigation

‘Transferring case to CBI amounts to belittling judiciary’
PUBLISHED 07 May 2018

Mainstream politicians will surely face divine retribution: Yasin Malik

Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Muhammad Yasin Malik on Sunday said that
PUBLISHED 07 May 2018

Shopian bloodbath: JRL calls strike tomorrow, asks people to march towards civil secretariat

JRL comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik made the announcement
PUBLISHED 07 May 2018

Every time you kill, more youth take up gun: MLA Langate tells New Delhi

Reiterating his appeal for a ceasefire between militants and the government forces, MLA La
PUBLISHED 07 May 2018

BJP butchering Kashmiris to fuel its election machinery: KCSDS

Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies Sunday said it was extremely outraged
PUBLISHED 07 May 2018

Professor’s killing answer to those claiming jobs a solution to Kashmir issue: Omar Abdullah

Muhammad Rafi Bhat, who taught at the sociology department of the varsity, was killed in a
PUBLISHED 07 May 2018

Several injured in clashes near Shopian gunfight site, one referred to Srinagar

Reports said that a civilian, identified as Asif Ahmad Mir (21), son of Ghulam Mohammad Mi
PUBLISHED 06 May 2018

Kashmir shuts over militant, civilian killings

Contingents of paramilitary forces were deployed in region’s capital particularly old city
PUBLISHED 06 May 2018

Shopian gunfight backlash: Internet suspended in south Kashmir parts

Reports said the Internet was suspended in twin districts of Pulwama and Shopian after gun
PUBLISHED 06 May 2018

Top scientist agrees with WHO over Srinagar air quality

Polluted Air Is Not Always Smoky, Hazy Or Dull: Prof Ramshoo
PUBLISHED 06 May 2018

Killing of Safakadal youth: MLA Rashid demands arrest of guilty cops, driver

Chairman, Awami Ittehad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Sheikh Rashid on Saturday strongly con
PUBLISHED 06 May 2018

Is militancy returning to the city?

His transition however marked the beginning of the return of militancy to the central Kash
PUBLISHED 06 May 2018

2 civilians killed in Sonawari, SPO shot at in Pulwama

Gunmen also shot at and injured a special police officer (SPO) of Jammu and Kashmir police
PUBLISHED 06 May 2018

Kashmir Council Europe condemns civilian killings in Kashmir

Chairman, Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Ali Raza Syed has condemned “rising number of civ
PUBLISHED 06 May 2018

Harry Potter star Emma Watson backs Kathua rape victim’s lawyer

Harry Potter star Emma Watson backs Kathua rape victim’s lawyer
PUBLISHED 06 May 2018

CONDITION OF PRISONS IN J&K: HC asks principal district judges to explain non-filing of report

The High Court on Friday sought explanation from the principal district judges, who have n
PUBLISHED 05 May 2018

KATHUA RAPE-MURDER CASE: ‘Fact finding team members linked with right-wing groups’

The members of the so-called “fact-finding” team, which submitted its report on the Kathua
PUBLISHED 05 May 2018

BJP says Dy CM’s statement on Kathua ‘his personal opinion’

The Bharatiya Janta Party Friday said the statement of Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupt
PUBLISHED 05 May 2018

Hajj training sessions at Anantnag, Kupwara

While as for intending pilgrims of the district from cover number JKF 10076 to JKF 14125-1
PUBLISHED 05 May 2018

'India-Pak should talk, emulate North, South Korean leadership'

Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen on Thursday said India and Pakistan
PUBLISHED 04 May 2018

Separatists condemn Shopian student’s killing

Zahid said, “Another youth is struggling for his life in Soura institute, besides scores o
PUBLISHED 04 May 2018

Mirwaiz, Malik reach Geelani’s Hyderpora residence; meeting underway

A source said that both Mirwaiz, who is chairman of Hurriyat (M), and JKLF chief Yasin Mal
PUBLISHED 03 May 2018

BJP seeking brief LA session to elect Nirmal as Speaker

The ruling Bharatiya Janta Party is in a hurry to appoint former Deputy Chief Minister Nir
PUBLISHED 03 May 2018

Disgusting, shameful: Ally PDP over deputy CM’s Kathua remarks

Utterances show BJP least concerned about justice: NC | Shocking not to recognize barbaric
PUBLISHED 02 May 2018

Boycott upcoming polls: Geelani to people

Pays tributes to militants, civilian slain at Drubgam
PUBLISHED 02 May 2018

Kathua Gang-rape & Murder: Gujar-Bakarwal youth protest, denounce BCI clean chit to Jammu Bar

The youth assembled at Press Enclave under the banner of Gujar Bakarwal Youth Conference (
PUBLISHED 01 May 2018

When Nepal and Bhutan are free, why not Kashmir: Pawan Bajaj

Speaking at the concluding session of the two-day ‘PHD Chamber States’ Conclave’ at Gulmar
PUBLISHED 01 May 2018

Kavinder's statement shameless: MLA Rashid

Let Mehbooba Mufti explain how Jasrotia is different from two sacked ministers
PUBLISHED 01 May 2018

Will India identify bodies in Kashmir's mass graves, like it did in Iraq???

Razia has often asked the same question in her decades-long search for her father whom she
PUBLISHED 01 May 2018

2 rebels, civilian killed during Kashmir fighting

SRINAGAR, India (AP) — A young man was killed and at least 14 others wounded Monday when g
PUBLISHED 01 May 2018

Negligence on Kashmir dispute is deplorable: Farooq Rehmani

The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League (JKPFL), Muhammad Farooq Rehmani
PUBLISHED 01 May 2018

TeH condemns arrest of its leaders

Tehreek-e-Hurriyat on Sunday strongly denounced the arrest and detention of several pro-fr
PUBLISHED 30 April 2018

Bar condemns police ‘assault’ on JKLF chief

High Court Bar Association Srinagar Sunday strongly condemned the alleged manhandling of J
PUBLISHED 30 April 2018

Gaurav Pachnanda elected Overseas Member by COMBAR

Senior Advocate Gaurav Pachnanda has been elected by Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR) a
PUBLISHED 30 April 2018

SC stay on trial not against victim’s interest, says her counsel

“The father of the victim filed an appeal requesting transfer of the trial (from Kathua) t
PUBLISHED 29 April 2018

Politicising Kahtua rape, murder deplorable: Geelani

Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Saturday said politicisation and commun
PUBLISHED 29 April 2018

Malik pays tribute to Haneef Aamir

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Saturday paid rich tri
PUBLISHED 29 April 2018

Vakil flays NC, Congress for ‘prevailing mess’ in J&K

Accuses PDP of changing colours in power; says ‘unnatural’ coalition busy in infighting
PUBLISHED 29 April 2018

BJP poses biggest threat to Jammu’s identity: Panthers Party

JK National Panthers Party Chairman and former Minister, Harsh Dev Singh, on Thursday alle
PUBLISHED 28 April 2018

Demands grow for seizure of Asaram’s landholdings in Jmu

283 Kanals Of Land Was ‘Gifted’ To Trust @ Rs 20 Rent Per Year
PUBLISHED 27 April 2018

Kashmir to see more bloodshed this year, claims former J&K police chief

Khoda as per report blamed “politicisation of events for vote bank politics and polarisati
PUBLISHED 27 April 2018

Mirwaiz aghast over BCI’s decision

Bar Council of India (BCI) to give clean chit to the lawyers who blocked the filing of cha
PUBLISHED 27 April 2018

Clerical staff continues strike, seek end to pay anomaly

The clerical cadre employees here on Thursday took to streets again to demonstrate against
PUBLISHED 27 April 2018

Tarigami condemns killing of Patel

While expressing sympathies with the bereaved family, he said, “Killings of civilians can
PUBLISHED 26 April 2018

New Delhi denying political space to people in J&K: JKLF (R)

He said, “Their dedication and commitment send a clear and apt message that the destinatio
PUBLISHED 26 April 2018

Mian Altaf demands exgratia for families of slain Kangan youths

In a statement issued here, Mian Altaf urged the state government to provide the ex-gratia
PUBLISHED 26 April 2018

Availing of gazetted holiday our right: DAK

President, Doctors’ Association Kashmir (DAK) Dr Suhail Naik on Wednesday said availing of
PUBLISHED 26 April 2018

Before breaking into a song

Javed Naqwi shares his thoughts.
PUBLISHED 18 April 2018

British MP of Kashmiri origin lashes out at PM Modi over Kathua gang-rape, says ‘if Mr Modi comes here, he will not be treated with respect’

British MP of Kashmiri origin has lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the brutal
PUBLISHED 15 April 2018

Kashmir screams for life

Once again, Kashmir is in the grip of chaos and mourning. Political differences aside, few
PUBLISHED 15 April 2018

Resistance and The Mysterious Encounters

Indian administration has failed to make a distinction between an armed and unarmed person
PUBLISHED 03 April 2018


Commonwealth is indeed an organisation with deep roots and profound strengths
PUBLISHED 25 March 2018

Wound from words

PUBLISHED 23 March 2018

Revelations of The Chattisingpura Masacare by Retd Lt Gen KS Gill

The article about the infamous Chattisingpura Masacare.
PUBLISHED 23 March 2018

Micro Tale

This is a micro tale.
PUBLISHED 23 March 2018

Culture - A Bond

This article is about the lost culture of Kashmir.
PUBLISHED 23 March 2018

The Prosperity That We Breathed

This article is about how Kashmir has changed, from a place of beauty to the place of war.
PUBLISHED 23 March 2018

AFSPA - Symbol of Oppression in Indian Occupied Kashmir

The people of this besieged state was not given the basic
PUBLISHED 22 March 2018

Incorrect Definition Of War

This article is about war, and how war destroys people, both physically and mentally.
PUBLISHED 21 March 2018

The Silenced Victims

This article is about the violence against women.
PUBLISHED 20 March 2018

Non Uniform Ideologies

The article is about the varied and non uniform ideologies prevailing in Kashmir about con
PUBLISHED 20 March 2018

Eight Wonder - Science

This article is about the achievements of science from the time of Tesla to modern day.
PUBLISHED 20 March 2018

The Deceased Trouble Me

This article is about how violence has troubled the writer, and how writer laments the vio
PUBLISHED 20 March 2018

Pseudo Social Gurantee

This article is about the disadvantages of social media and how is it adversely affecting
PUBLISHED 20 March 2018

The Mourning Of Those Doves

This article is about writer's deeper understanding and realization of violent methods of
PUBLISHED 20 March 2018

Chocked Art

This article is about the artists who have to fight two conflicts at a same time, which ev
PUBLISHED 20 March 2018

Introducing PAVA

This article is a sarcastic attack on the introduction of PAVA shells.
PUBLISHED 19 March 2018

Politics of Religion

Here when we have been divided into the territories of conflict (IoK and PoK), into the ta
PUBLISHED 19 March 2018

Irrationality of Kashmir insurrection – Part 1

This micro tale is for the youth of Kashmir who have been misguided and negatively motivat
PUBLISHED 19 March 2018

The Drama - The Conflict

"Conflict is a drama and how people deal with the conflict shows you the type of people th
PUBLISHED 18 March 2018

Puppets of Conflict

Thousands of guns remain pointed on us
PUBLISHED 18 March 2018

Intellect War

first be an intellect and then fight the war
PUBLISHED 15 March 2018

Humanity Massacred

Ruha Hussain
PUBLISHED 15 March 2018

The Dying Paradise

Ruha Hussain
PUBLISHED 15 March 2018

The loss of Economy

Ruha Hussain
PUBLISHED 15 March 2018

The Revolutionary

Ruha Hussain
PUBLISHED 14 March 2018

The Child Of Conflict

Ruha Hussain
PUBLISHED 14 March 2018

The Hypocrite

Ruha Hussain
PUBLISHED 14 March 2018


Ruha Hussain
PUBLISHED 14 March 2018

AFSPA a law for flaw

AFSPA is the crown of attrocities in Kashmir
PUBLISHED 13 March 2018

Who are You? and who am i?

You aint my master and i am not your slave
PUBLISHED 13 March 2018

Children of conflict

The article follows the difficulties faced by children in IOK
PUBLISHED 13 March 2018

Questioning Biased Indian Media

The article is about how media plays biased
PUBLISHED 12 March 2018

Conflict grows our dismay

we the residents of this conflict torn state vanish away in fear.
PUBLISHED 12 March 2018

Stop Misguiding my Nation

The article is about how youth of Kashmir are misguided under a false banner of leadership
PUBLISHED 12 March 2018

Unreported Me

The article is against sexual and physical harassment faced by women.
PUBLISHED 12 March 2018

Forgotten Humanity

When I see an animal full of wilderness I remain calm, he may take pity on me and leave me
PUBLISHED 12 March 2018

Divide And Rule

The people in the India speak about Kashmir, not knowing what it means  to loose a comrade
PUBLISHED 11 March 2018

The Death of Humanity

We will lead nowhere if we are guided by the darkness, we only need to keep the flame burn
PUBLISHED 11 March 2018

Bullets and Stones

“Swift as the wind, Quiet as the forest, Conquer as the fire, Steady as the mountain”.
PUBLISHED 11 March 2018

Slaves of Conflict

'Oh people of my land, do not forget the bullet of betrayal shot in our hearts decades ag
PUBLISHED 11 March 2018

Beauty under Facade

The truth of Kashmir under its beautiful Skin.
PUBLISHED 10 March 2018


An article by Muhammad Akeel
PUBLISHED 10 March 2018

Simplified Talks

At last there is only one universal truth we must follow, 'United we stand and divided we
PUBLISHED 10 March 2018

Standstill Agreement

Soon after the Liberation of India, the subcontinent got divided into India and Pakistan,
PUBLISHED 10 March 2018

Menace of Drug Addiction and its Solution in Kashmir

By Badrul-Duja
PUBLISHED 04 March 2018

Human Rights Violation in Kashmir

By Maruj ul Muntaha
PUBLISHED 04 March 2018

Our Kashmir case

M Ziauddin
PUBLISHED 03 March 2018

What is GST?

By Maruj ul Muntaha
PUBLISHED 02 March 2018

Psychological Effects on Children With Working Mothers

By Maruj ul Muntaha
PUBLISHED 02 March 2018

Being sad is normal

By Asma Hafiz
PUBLISHED 01 March 2018

Report On The Rose Of Paracelsus by Jorge Luis Borges

By Maruj ul Muntaha
PUBLISHED 28 February 2018

My Feminism is perceived as Misandrism. It's Time to Rethink.

By Swati Khanna
PUBLISHED 27 February 2018

Review on Ways of Seeing by John Berger

By Maruj ul Muntaha
PUBLISHED 27 February 2018

Saving Kashmiris

The dialogue must begin — for it is the only way forward
PUBLISHED 02 February 2018

Palestine and peace

The US and its satellites are ensuring a century of more terrible state and non-state terr
PUBLISHED 18 December 2017


Every individual must learn how to manage his or her thoughts.
PUBLISHED 16 December 2017

Indian or Hindu?

In the RSS idiom, culture means a rejection of India’s secular ethos.
PUBLISHED 16 December 2017

Trumpian clarity

It’s unfair to damn Trump for killing the two-state solution.
PUBLISHED 13 December 2017

Almost married

According to UK law, nikah on its own is not enough, and a civil ceremony is a requirement
PUBLISHED 13 December 2017

Watch Nepal, Pakistan is passé

A paramount message is about how to stay independent when caught between two giant neighbo
PUBLISHED 12 December 2017

Not madness, method

Presidents before Trump have promised "Israel's sovereignty" in their campaigns.
PUBLISHED 11 December 2017

Bharatmata’s unequal children

RELIGIOUS bigotry has official sanction in the new India
PUBLISHED 11 December 2017

Payback in Yemen

Saleh was no stranger to switching sides.
PUBLISHED 06 December 2017

Is Rahul Gandhi ready to fight?

The overriding challenge for Rahul Gandhi will be to confront religious fascism head on.
PUBLISHED 06 December 2017

Mercy to the worlds

Harsh actions are antithetical to what the Prophet (PBUH) taught.
PUBLISHED 01 December 2017

Delayed exit

The dancing on Harare’s streets echoes the jubilation of 1980.
PUBLISHED 29 November 2017

Subtle idiom of prejudice

Indian cinema is wrongly lauded for shoring up a tryst with the country’s secular legacy.
PUBLISHED 28 November 2017

My enemy’s enemy

The view from Tel Aviv is very similar to Riyadh’s.
PUBLISHED 27 November 2017

Pakistan bashing factual or fashion - BY Asad Yazdani

Defamatory remarks about Pakistan from politicians, analysts or so called intellectuals of
PUBLISHED 27 November 2017

New alliances, new wars

Each component of the Middle East matrix is extremely complex.
PUBLISHED 26 November 2017

Peace in Kashmir

Kashmiris won’t accept a bilateral deal with India.
PUBLISHED 25 November 2017

A new look for Barbie

Can a corporation’s efforts to rebrand a product be considered a feminist act?
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

The Beirut gamble

PUBLISHED 22 November 2017

Lord Ram in a secular court

A better awareness of history will not save Deepika Padukone from harm.
PUBLISHED 21 November 2017

A self-made disaster

Our own contribution to the creation of a serious environmental problem was realised...
PUBLISHED 16 November 2017

Kashmiri Pundits - Their specialty & stake

The Indian rulers, it's establishment, bureaucracy,media and people with typical RSS minds
PUBLISHED 16 November 2017

The pellet-paralysed world of Parveena Bano

When her ailing father couldn’t afford to run his home, young Parveena Bano decided to qui
PUBLISHED 15 November 2017

Islam & the Bolshevik Revolution

Mir Said Sultan Galiev became the architect of ‘Muslim national communism’.
PUBLISHED 14 November 2017

The man who gave us a poisoned gift

The man who gave us a poisoned gift.
PUBLISHED 12 November 2017

Rohingya Muslims

PUBLISHED 02 November 2017

Crushed Desires (By Syed Mujtaba)

Here we lie in the world of modern era, in the world that would nearly put last nail in th
PUBLISHED 27 July 2017


Today when I see this whole milieu full of terror, my mind latches some words that Kashmir
PUBLISHED 26 July 2017

AZHAR A Short Story - By Peerzada Muzamil

They say, ‘wars never end’. They are just draped by illusions of peace.
PUBLISHED 18 July 2017

Silk, Saba, Art and Historiography [A story by Peerzada Sheikh Muzamil]

Historiography or the art of telling history has been a serious task of the historians sin
PUBLISHED 17 July 2017


In the Indian Administered Kashmir, authorities often desperately try to use the maneuvers
PUBLISHED 14 July 2017

Report on summer vacations and first death anniversary of Burhan Muzzafar Wani

Syed Muneeb Masoodi/Kashmir Insider 
PUBLISHED 08 July 2017

Pakistan’s anxiety

PUBLISHED 04 July 2017

By naming Salahuddin, is Trump mediating in Kashmir?

Salahuddin contested the 1987 elections from the Muslim United Front (MUF)
PUBLISHED 29 June 2017

Students take the lead in protests against Indian atrocities in IoK.

"All our lives we have seen death and destruction. I can't take this anymore", a student i
PUBLISHED 25 June 2017

No man’s Land – Kashmir about to become (By Syed Muneer)

Ours present is the consequence of our past, and is a feud impending from past 3 decades
PUBLISHED 18 June 2017

Bijbehara Massacre (A tale of Bloodshed in Kashmir)

Tthe day when democracy breathed last in Kashmir.
PUBLISHED 09 June 2017

Dispute resolution by ICJ

PUBLISHED 08 June 2017

Unshackling Kashmir

PUBLISHED 08 June 2017

Silence of Kamran – A Dormant Cry

Story relating to youth
PUBLISHED 06 June 2017

Misbegotten Rebellion – Menace to my own brother

Has my land lost all those years of struggle
PUBLISHED 05 June 2017

The war has come again - (By Syed Muneer)

We can’t justify our acts, our deeds, and our uncontrollable anger
PUBLISHED 04 June 2017

Internet Ban – Conflict Extended - By Furqaan Syed

Banning of internet increases anger in masses
PUBLISHED 04 June 2017

Rowallt Act to PSA – Oppressed to Oppressor

if history will ever talk about a valley
PUBLISHED 28 May 2017

World of nuclear giants and ethical infants (By Syed Muneer)

We know more about killings than we know about living
PUBLISHED 28 May 2017

The War Within (By Furqaan Syeed)

Men in uniform who looted them roam around freely
PUBLISHED 28 May 2017

Uncanny Land - By Syed Muneer

Who are we? Just the slaves of war, slaves of conflict
PUBLISHED 27 May 2017

Cowards with Guns – Poster boys of human right abuses

Seeing a man with gun makes you feel half dead
PUBLISHED 26 May 2017

Right to self Determination - By Syed Muneer

Kashmir is at horrid stage of conflict
PUBLISHED 26 May 2017

The lion, the witch and the corridor

PUBLISHED 25 May 2017

A new chapter at ICJ

PUBLISHED 22 May 2017

Evolution through Feminism (By Qurat ul Ain)

Feminism is a range of dogmatic movements, philosophies
PUBLISHED 22 May 2017

Cries in the Air - By Syed Muneer

What difference does it make to the dead
PUBLISHED 21 May 2017

Residents of Conflict – Life in a whammy - By Syed Muneer

Nearly 100 youth were killed and thousands injured during the clashes
PUBLISHED 21 May 2017

The Dead Eyes - By Abid R Baba

The story of pain, loss, gloom, desperation and disappointment
PUBLISHED 20 May 2017

RAMADAN - By Furqaan Syeed

In the month of Ramadan the holy Quran was revealed
PUBLISHED 19 May 2017

90’s – Nightmare of Mubeena - By Syed Muneeb Masoodi

Memories have turned into haunted shadows
PUBLISHED 19 May 2017

Why We? - By Syed Muneer

Deaths, Tortures, Rapes, Humiliations, Injustice, Disappearances
PUBLISHED 17 May 2017

Kashmir a victim of hypocritical politics

The Fabricated Conference
PUBLISHED 17 May 2017

Struggle of women in Kashmir

Suhail Yaqoob explains the life of a woman in the Indian occupied Kashmir
PUBLISHED 17 May 2017

Indian Snub

PUBLISHED 15 May 2017

A Conversation between Á & B - By Mehboob Makhdoomi

What are we fighting for
PUBLISHED 15 May 2017

Kashmir: The New Face of Resistance

PUBLISHED 15 May 2017

Kashmir conundrum

PUBLISHED 15 May 2017

School "A Battlefield" - By Syed Furqan

fighting the existing reality
PUBLISHED 13 May 2017

When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty - Syed Muneer

Peace comes at a cost
PUBLISHED 13 May 2017

We are at War - By Syed Muneer

Kashmir is the mourning mother, Kashmir is the disappeared son, Kashmir is the wailing si
PUBLISHED 12 May 2017

Caught between two cats -By Syed Muneer

Dirty politics and Hypocrisy
PUBLISHED 11 May 2017

Pondering Kashmir dynamics

PUBLISHED 11 May 2017

Graffiti – Resistance through Art

Story by Syed Muneeb Masoodi and Furqaan Syed
PUBLISHED 09 May 2017

Kashmir needs a new political system

The unvarnished truth is that not a single Kashmiri has the slightest confidence in Modi
PUBLISHED 08 May 2017

Dying generations -By Syed Muneer

India Should accept the truth
PUBLISHED 08 May 2017

Only dead know the end of war

justifying the civilian killings by Armed forces
PUBLISHED 08 May 2017

Kashmir dispute to be settled under UN resolutions

Zafar Akbar Butt demanded Kashmir disputed to be settled under UN resolution
PUBLISHED 05 May 2017

Silencing Kashmir

PUBLISHED 05 May 2017

Biased Media - By Furqaan Syed

Media hubs today are only concerned with the TRP
PUBLISHED 04 May 2017

Because I am conflict – Because I am Kashmir (By Syed Muneer)

Was I born to die on this bridge of no return
PUBLISHED 04 May 2017

CPEC and peace building in Kashmir

The game-changer's effect on the Kashmir issue.
PUBLISHED 03 May 2017

From Akbar to Modi, Kashmiris have a history of pelting stones at oppressors

The stone throwing boys were known as dilawars, bravehearts
PUBLISHED 01 May 2017

Mass Rape – Justice yet to come : By Syed Muneer

I pour my gratitude towards you
PUBLISHED 01 May 2017

Kashmir: What Lies Ahead?

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai expresses his views.
PUBLISHED 30 April 2017

I am born in Kashmir – A war zone - By Syed Muneer

My oppressor choose my destiny not me
PUBLISHED 29 April 2017

An open letter to the people of India

PUBLISHED 28 April 2017

Kashmir A Hot Debate

Who sees the tears and pain in our eyes
PUBLISHED 27 April 2017

A Cruel April in Kashmir

PUBLISHED 27 April 2017

Internet Ban – Conflict Extended - By Furqaan Syed

Banning of internet increases anger
PUBLISHED 26 April 2017

Is India losing Kashmir?

PUBLISHED 26 April 2017

Kashmiri youth love Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Khan explains why.
PUBLISHED 24 April 2017

A letter from Oppressed to the Oppressor by Syed Muneeb Masoodi

What path should I walk on
PUBLISHED 21 April 2017

Half widow – A Life in Limbo

Human rights abuses in the IHK are an ongoing issue
PUBLISHED 19 April 2017

War zone and its Residents

Life in War Zone By Syed Muneer
PUBLISHED 18 April 2017

2017 Elections Demolished Dominant  Narrative  - By Z.G. Muhammad

Another sham election
PUBLISHED 18 April 2017

Democracy and Kashmir

The pain hidden in the eyes of our mothers waiting for their sons to return
PUBLISHED 17 April 2017

Students of Conflict

A student’s opinion about conflict by Tanzeela Sajad
PUBLISHED 17 April 2017

India is losing Kashmir

Dr. Muhammad Khan expresses his opinion
PUBLISHED 17 April 2017

Legal outLaws - Story by Syed Muneeb Masoodi

The Armed vs Un Armed
PUBLISHED 16 April 2017

Sinking Kashmir Valley

Failure of India's Kashmir strategy
PUBLISHED 16 April 2017

Waruk – The Tell Tale Heart

Reviving Literature among Youth
PUBLISHED 13 April 2017

My name is “Girl”, I am from Conflict Zone

An opinion of a girl from conflict zone by Asma Shah
PUBLISHED 13 April 2017

Kashmir Rejects India

PUBLISHED 13 April 2017

In Kashmir, India cements its reputation as a strident occupier

With every beating; every blinding; every death by “stray bullet”, India cements its reput
PUBLISHED 13 April 2017

Congratulations University of Kashmir!

Still, A Long Way To Go
PUBLISHED 11 April 2017

Mirza Waheed: 'Violence will not end Kashmir conflict

The Kashmiri author discusses the conflict in Kashmir and the rise of Hindu nationalism in
PUBLISHED 09 April 2017

Art ----- Resistance

A story by Saqib Ali and Syed Muneeb Masood
PUBLISHED 07 April 2017

The widows on the Kashmir’s border

Dardpura, cannot have a better name, meaning “the hamlet of pain.” It is the home to 200 w
PUBLISHED 07 April 2017

When I date Back

A story by Syed Muneer Masoodi
PUBLISHED 06 April 2017

An ever-swelling and sweeping challenge

Great threat to the world peace and civilization
PUBLISHED 05 April 2017

End of Oppression or Oppressed

A story by Saqib Ali and Syed Muneer Masoodi
PUBLISHED 04 April 2017

Cups of Blood - by Asma Shah

Every street has a story about someone
PUBLISHED 03 April 2017

AFSPA --- Right to Kill - Syed Muneeb Masoodi

In Kashmir human rights are in files not on ground
PUBLISHED 02 April 2017

Kashmir: Kids killings go on unabashedly

Killings in Chadoora could become prelude to even bigger tragedy than 2016 summer uprising
PUBLISHED 01 April 2017

The Humanistic Dimension of Kashmir.

Srinagar based columnist expresses his opinion.
PUBLISHED 26 March 2017

Musa (AS)’s story in Quran

It shatters our marriage stereotypes
PUBLISHED 25 March 2017

Why the India-Pakistan War Over Water Is So Dangerous

Shared water resources threatens to turn up the violence.
PUBLISHED 24 March 2017

No law for the law.

A personal experience of a journalist with JKP.
PUBLISHED 23 March 2017

Freedom of the vale-Weapons of the weak.

Descriptions and analyses of open political actions dominate accounts of political conflic
PUBLISHED 22 March 2017

UP elections: bigotry goes mainstream

Installation of Yogi Adiyanath as CM supports obscurantism and duplicity
PUBLISHED 22 March 2017

Kashmiri Children Deserve A Great Future - By Muneeb Masoodi

Children are the most beautiful creation of Almighty
PUBLISHED 22 March 2017

Economic Dimension to Kashmir Struggle

CPEC, QTTA & much more...
PUBLISHED 21 March 2017

The Fifth Province Dilemma  - Z.G. Muhammad

the first step towards the “new Great Game
PUBLISHED 20 March 2017

Away from home - Shamim Shawl

Those who are living outside Kashmir feel the pains of separation and displacement
PUBLISHED 17 March 2017

Day when Kashmir was sold

The wishes of Kashmiris were never addressed by the British government
PUBLISHED 17 March 2017

Kashmir to benefit from CPEC

Impact of China Pakistan Economic Corridor on Kashmir
PUBLISHED 13 March 2017

Women ............ ? by Syed Muneeb Masoodi

No doubt the second name of woman is courage, patience, strength
PUBLISHED 09 March 2017

KASHMIR REDISCOVERED : Of Satanic Voices (Part-II)

In Kashmir the inseparable Shiva-Shakti rituals gained tremendous footing
PUBLISHED 03 March 2017

Let The Righteous Unite - Prof Ashraf Saraf

Canada and uk have chosen diversity, tolerance, multi ethnicity and human brotherhood
PUBLISHED 02 March 2017


To achieve Liberation (mukti) and enjoyment (bhukti)
PUBLISHED 23 February 2017

Hope Of Freedom

Human rights violations in kashmir In this long battle of conflict
PUBLISHED 20 February 2017

Pakistan’s Response to Hybrid War on CPEC?

The over 100 Pakistani martyrs who were killed over the past week
PUBLISHED 18 February 2017


Nobody knows what Kashmir actually is
PUBLISHED 17 February 2017

India’s Kashmir policy syndrome

A state of déjà vu surrounds over India‘s Kashmir policy
PUBLISHED 16 February 2017

Country without Common Sense

Everyone around is busy in trolling Zaira on social media
PUBLISHED 14 February 2017

Getting Humiliated - A Duty

Freedom Struggle is not an infection Injected in the Blood
PUBLISHED 13 February 2017

  Will Russia Mediate on Kashmir!

KGB actively coordinated R&AW of India for the creation of Bangladesh
PUBLISHED 13 February 2017

‘I will always write about Kashmir’

I had witnessed and suffered the first uprising firsthand
PUBLISHED 13 February 2017

China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor (CPEC) and Islamic Finance

A Unmissable opportunity for Sukuk issuance
PUBLISHED 11 February 2017

Hari Singh’s legacy

Prem Nath Bazaz wrote that Kashmiris faced unprecedented suppression
PUBLISHED 04 February 2017

CPEC’s prospects of expansion

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here
PUBLISHED 04 February 2017

Humans of Kashmir

Most people of Jammu and Kashmir were Muslims
PUBLISHED 03 February 2017

Kashmir Solidarity Day- The need of the hour

military and civil have continued to express solidarity with the inhabitants (IOK)
PUBLISHED 03 February 2017

International conventions and Kashmir

This article is an attempt to analyse the violations and disrespect of these conventions
PUBLISHED 01 February 2017

Kashmir Bleeds Me - Syed Muneeb Masoodi

Where shall I Find Answers to my Questions? The Lobbies of Delhi or the Forests of Tral?
PUBLISHED 30 January 2017

I’m dying of shame - State Holiday on Hari Singh’s B’day

It doesn’t happen often that I feel at  loss for words when I begin writing.
PUBLISHED 30 January 2017

CPEC — Beginning of a new era

Propaganda and disinformation
PUBLISHED 29 January 2017

Women’s Health: Critical Issues

…Lal Ded Hospital, the flag bearer
PUBLISHED 28 January 2017

Kashmiri’s living in IOK are preparing to observe 26th January as Black Day

On this day, Pakistani flags are raised at every building to demonstrate collective reject
PUBLISHED 24 January 2017

‘K’ a global concern, bereft of solution-

Kashmiris should be afforded the same right to self-determination
PUBLISHED 23 January 2017

Kashmir: Conflict main cause of depression

Number of people suffering depression in rural areas (84.73 percent)
PUBLISHED 23 January 2017

Facilitate NRK Investment in J&K

Notwithstanding what shade of political opinion we may fall under,
PUBLISHED 21 January 2017

Kashmir: South Asia’s Palestine - By U K Dar

Another bogey used time and again by India is that Kashmiris take part in elections
PUBLISHED 16 January 2017

Kashmir forsaken by A.G.Noorani

A G Noorani is an author and a lawyer based in Mumbai.
PUBLISHED 15 January 2017

Pak-India Water Dispute Accelerates 

India has never missed an opportunity to harm Pakistan since its inception;
PUBLISHED 15 January 2017

Agony of orphans and orphanages in Kashmir

Kashmir has 0.214 million orphans
PUBLISHED 11 January 2017


Kashmir and Kashmiris turned out to be completely different
PUBLISHED 11 January 2017

Dialogue is the only solution' to Kashmir conflict

There is no logic in denying talks
PUBLISHED 10 January 2017

The Geopolitics of South Central Asia and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

Geopolitically speaking, the South Central Asian Region (SCAR)
PUBLISHED 10 January 2017

Understanding Kashmiri Aspirations

An unprecedented uprising has just somewhat abated after five months
PUBLISHED 04 January 2017

AJK’s incredible hydropower potential

(AJK) stands abundantly blessed and endowed with one of nature’s riches,
PUBLISHED 04 January 2017

New regional allegiances - Russia, China, Pakistan for lifting Taliban sanctions

?One of the most interesting games, one can encounter, is the international chessboard, wh
PUBLISHED 02 January 2017

Changing Demography of Jammu and Kashmir?

It is an old story, whenever there is an upswing in the movement in the State for the cher
PUBLISHED 31 December 2016

United Nations and Kashmir Resolution

One of the stunning realities of our age is that UNO that was born to reassure the people
PUBLISHED 30 December 2016

A Constitutional Dishonesty: Settlement of the West-Pakistan Refugees

Yet again, the government is here to vitiate the atmosphere of J&K. How unfortunate is it
PUBLISHED 30 December 2016
Sohail Khan

Islam’s ‘golden age’

IN discussions on history, philosophy, and even policymaking, one often comes across refer
PUBLISHED 30 December 2016
THE state here has accepted the challenge of getting undone the Narendra Modi government p
THE United Nations Security Council has outdone Rip Van Winkle. He slept for 20 years and
MANY attempts have been made to establish and hold peace, reconcile and heal wounds during
India must “work towards reducing tensions” in the wake of the abrupt cancellation of the ...
A CLOSED-DOOR, single-point agenda meeting that excludes the parties to the dispute from t...
ONE of the singular characteristics of a country’s drift towards autocracy is an increasin...
PAKISTAN’S Independence Day was a particularly appropriate occasion to express solidarity ...
India claims that it is imposing a blackout in Kashmir for security purposes and to ensure...