Saving Kashmiris

The dialogue must begin — for it is the only way forward
PUBLISHED 02 February 2018

Palestine and peace

The US and its satellites are ensuring a century of more terrible state and non-state terr
PUBLISHED 18 December 2017


Every individual must learn how to manage his or her thoughts.
PUBLISHED 16 December 2017

Indian or Hindu?

In the RSS idiom, culture means a rejection of India’s secular ethos.
PUBLISHED 16 December 2017

Trumpian clarity

It’s unfair to damn Trump for killing the two-state solution.
PUBLISHED 13 December 2017

Almost married

According to UK law, nikah on its own is not enough, and a civil ceremony is a requirement
PUBLISHED 13 December 2017

Watch Nepal, Pakistan is passé

A paramount message is about how to stay independent when caught between two giant neighbo
PUBLISHED 12 December 2017

Not madness, method

Presidents before Trump have promised "Israel's sovereignty" in their campaigns.
PUBLISHED 11 December 2017

Bharatmata’s unequal children

RELIGIOUS bigotry has official sanction in the new India
PUBLISHED 11 December 2017

Payback in Yemen

Saleh was no stranger to switching sides.
PUBLISHED 06 December 2017

Is Rahul Gandhi ready to fight?

The overriding challenge for Rahul Gandhi will be to confront religious fascism head on.
PUBLISHED 06 December 2017

Mercy to the worlds

Harsh actions are antithetical to what the Prophet (PBUH) taught.
PUBLISHED 01 December 2017

Delayed exit

The dancing on Harare’s streets echoes the jubilation of 1980.
PUBLISHED 29 November 2017

Subtle idiom of prejudice

Indian cinema is wrongly lauded for shoring up a tryst with the country’s secular legacy.
PUBLISHED 28 November 2017

My enemy’s enemy

The view from Tel Aviv is very similar to Riyadh’s.
PUBLISHED 27 November 2017

Pakistan bashing factual or fashion - BY Asad Yazdani

Defamatory remarks about Pakistan from politicians, analysts or so called intellectuals of
PUBLISHED 27 November 2017

New alliances, new wars

Each component of the Middle East matrix is extremely complex.
PUBLISHED 26 November 2017

Peace in Kashmir

Kashmiris won’t accept a bilateral deal with India.
PUBLISHED 25 November 2017

A new look for Barbie

Can a corporation’s efforts to rebrand a product be considered a feminist act?
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

The Beirut gamble

PUBLISHED 22 November 2017

Lord Ram in a secular court

A better awareness of history will not save Deepika Padukone from harm.
PUBLISHED 21 November 2017

A self-made disaster

Our own contribution to the creation of a serious environmental problem was realised...
PUBLISHED 16 November 2017

Kashmiri Pundits - Their specialty & stake

The Indian rulers, it's establishment, bureaucracy,media and people with typical RSS minds
PUBLISHED 16 November 2017

The pellet-paralysed world of Parveena Bano

When her ailing father couldn’t afford to run his home, young Parveena Bano decided to qui
PUBLISHED 15 November 2017

Islam & the Bolshevik Revolution

Mir Said Sultan Galiev became the architect of ‘Muslim national communism’.
PUBLISHED 14 November 2017

The man who gave us a poisoned gift

The man who gave us a poisoned gift.
PUBLISHED 12 November 2017

Rohingya Muslims

PUBLISHED 02 November 2017

Crushed Desires (By Syed Mujtaba)

Here we lie in the world of modern era, in the world that would nearly put last nail in th
PUBLISHED 27 July 2017


Today when I see this whole milieu full of terror, my mind latches some words that Kashmir
PUBLISHED 26 July 2017

AZHAR A Short Story - By Peerzada Muzamil

They say, ‘wars never end’. They are just draped by illusions of peace.
PUBLISHED 18 July 2017

Silk, Saba, Art and Historiography [A story by Peerzada Sheikh Muzamil]

Historiography or the art of telling history has been a serious task of the historians sin
PUBLISHED 17 July 2017


In the Indian Administered Kashmir, authorities often desperately try to use the maneuvers
PUBLISHED 14 July 2017

Report on summer vacations and first death anniversary of Burhan Muzzafar Wani

Syed Muneeb Masoodi/Kashmir Insider 
PUBLISHED 08 July 2017

Pakistan’s anxiety

PUBLISHED 04 July 2017

By naming Salahuddin, is Trump mediating in Kashmir?

Salahuddin contested the 1987 elections from the Muslim United Front (MUF)
PUBLISHED 29 June 2017

Students take the lead in protests against Indian atrocities in IoK.

"All our lives we have seen death and destruction. I can't take this anymore", a student i
PUBLISHED 25 June 2017

No man’s Land – Kashmir about to become (By Syed Muneer)

Ours present is the consequence of our past, and is a feud impending from past 3 decades
PUBLISHED 18 June 2017

Bijbehara Massacre (A tale of Bloodshed in Kashmir)

Tthe day when democracy breathed last in Kashmir.
PUBLISHED 09 June 2017

Dispute resolution by ICJ

PUBLISHED 08 June 2017

Unshackling Kashmir

PUBLISHED 08 June 2017

Silence of Kamran – A Dormant Cry

Story relating to youth
PUBLISHED 06 June 2017

Misbegotten Rebellion – Menace to my own brother

Has my land lost all those years of struggle
PUBLISHED 05 June 2017

The war has come again - (By Syed Muneer)

We can’t justify our acts, our deeds, and our uncontrollable anger
PUBLISHED 04 June 2017

Internet Ban – Conflict Extended - By Furqaan Syed

Banning of internet increases anger in masses
PUBLISHED 04 June 2017

Rowallt Act to PSA – Oppressed to Oppressor

if history will ever talk about a valley
PUBLISHED 28 May 2017

World of nuclear giants and ethical infants (By Syed Muneer)

We know more about killings than we know about living
PUBLISHED 28 May 2017

The War Within (By Furqaan Syeed)

Men in uniform who looted them roam around freely
PUBLISHED 28 May 2017

Uncanny Land - By Syed Muneer

Who are we? Just the slaves of war, slaves of conflict
PUBLISHED 27 May 2017

Cowards with Guns – Poster boys of human right abuses

Seeing a man with gun makes you feel half dead
PUBLISHED 26 May 2017

Right to self Determination - By Syed Muneer

Kashmir is at horrid stage of conflict
PUBLISHED 26 May 2017

The lion, the witch and the corridor

PUBLISHED 25 May 2017

A new chapter at ICJ

PUBLISHED 22 May 2017

Evolution through Feminism (By Qurat ul Ain)

Feminism is a range of dogmatic movements, philosophies
PUBLISHED 22 May 2017

Cries in the Air - By Syed Muneer

What difference does it make to the dead
PUBLISHED 21 May 2017

Residents of Conflict – Life in a whammy - By Syed Muneer

Nearly 100 youth were killed and thousands injured during the clashes
PUBLISHED 21 May 2017

The Dead Eyes - By Abid R Baba

The story of pain, loss, gloom, desperation and disappointment
PUBLISHED 20 May 2017

RAMADAN - By Furqaan Syeed

In the month of Ramadan the holy Quran was revealed
PUBLISHED 19 May 2017

90’s – Nightmare of Mubeena - By Syed Muneeb Masoodi

Memories have turned into haunted shadows
PUBLISHED 19 May 2017

Why We? - By Syed Muneer

Deaths, Tortures, Rapes, Humiliations, Injustice, Disappearances
PUBLISHED 17 May 2017

Kashmir a victim of hypocritical politics

The Fabricated Conference
PUBLISHED 17 May 2017

Struggle of women in Kashmir

Suhail Yaqoob explains the life of a woman in the Indian occupied Kashmir
PUBLISHED 17 May 2017

Indian Snub

PUBLISHED 15 May 2017

A Conversation between Á & B - By Mehboob Makhdoomi

What are we fighting for
PUBLISHED 15 May 2017

Kashmir: The New Face of Resistance

PUBLISHED 15 May 2017

Kashmir conundrum

PUBLISHED 15 May 2017

School "A Battlefield" - By Syed Furqan

fighting the existing reality
PUBLISHED 13 May 2017

When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty - Syed Muneer

Peace comes at a cost
PUBLISHED 13 May 2017

We are at War - By Syed Muneer

Kashmir is the mourning mother, Kashmir is the disappeared son, Kashmir is the wailing si
PUBLISHED 12 May 2017

Caught between two cats -By Syed Muneer

Dirty politics and Hypocrisy
PUBLISHED 11 May 2017

Pondering Kashmir dynamics

PUBLISHED 11 May 2017

Graffiti – Resistance through Art

Story by Syed Muneeb Masoodi and Furqaan Syed
PUBLISHED 09 May 2017

Kashmir needs a new political system

The unvarnished truth is that not a single Kashmiri has the slightest confidence in Modi
PUBLISHED 08 May 2017

Dying generations -By Syed Muneer

India Should accept the truth
PUBLISHED 08 May 2017

Only dead know the end of war

justifying the civilian killings by Armed forces
PUBLISHED 08 May 2017

Kashmir dispute to be settled under UN resolutions

Zafar Akbar Butt demanded Kashmir disputed to be settled under UN resolution
PUBLISHED 05 May 2017

Silencing Kashmir

PUBLISHED 05 May 2017

Biased Media - By Furqaan Syed

Media hubs today are only concerned with the TRP
PUBLISHED 04 May 2017

Because I am conflict – Because I am Kashmir (By Syed Muneer)

Was I born to die on this bridge of no return
PUBLISHED 04 May 2017

CPEC and peace building in Kashmir

The game-changer's effect on the Kashmir issue.
PUBLISHED 03 May 2017

From Akbar to Modi, Kashmiris have a history of pelting stones at oppressors

The stone throwing boys were known as dilawars, bravehearts
PUBLISHED 01 May 2017

Mass Rape – Justice yet to come : By Syed Muneer

I pour my gratitude towards you
PUBLISHED 01 May 2017

Kashmir: What Lies Ahead?

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai expresses his views.
PUBLISHED 30 April 2017

I am born in Kashmir – A war zone - By Syed Muneer

My oppressor choose my destiny not me
PUBLISHED 29 April 2017

An open letter to the people of India

PUBLISHED 28 April 2017

Kashmir A Hot Debate

Who sees the tears and pain in our eyes
PUBLISHED 27 April 2017

A Cruel April in Kashmir

PUBLISHED 27 April 2017

Internet Ban – Conflict Extended - By Furqaan Syed

Banning of internet increases anger
PUBLISHED 26 April 2017

Is India losing Kashmir?

PUBLISHED 26 April 2017

Kashmiri youth love Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Khan explains why.
PUBLISHED 24 April 2017

A letter from Oppressed to the Oppressor by Syed Muneeb Masoodi

What path should I walk on
PUBLISHED 21 April 2017

Half widow – A Life in Limbo

Human rights abuses in the IHK are an ongoing issue
PUBLISHED 19 April 2017

War zone and its Residents

Life in War Zone By Syed Muneer
PUBLISHED 18 April 2017

2017 Elections Demolished Dominant  Narrative  - By Z.G. Muhammad

Another sham election
PUBLISHED 18 April 2017

Democracy and Kashmir

The pain hidden in the eyes of our mothers waiting for their sons to return
PUBLISHED 17 April 2017

Students of Conflict

A student’s opinion about conflict by Tanzeela Sajad
PUBLISHED 17 April 2017

India is losing Kashmir

Dr. Muhammad Khan expresses his opinion
PUBLISHED 17 April 2017

Legal outLaws - Story by Syed Muneeb Masoodi

The Armed vs Un Armed
PUBLISHED 16 April 2017

Sinking Kashmir Valley

Failure of India's Kashmir strategy
PUBLISHED 16 April 2017

Waruk – The Tell Tale Heart

Reviving Literature among Youth
PUBLISHED 13 April 2017

My name is “Girl”, I am from Conflict Zone

An opinion of a girl from conflict zone by Asma Shah
PUBLISHED 13 April 2017

Kashmir Rejects India

PUBLISHED 13 April 2017

In Kashmir, India cements its reputation as a strident occupier

With every beating; every blinding; every death by “stray bullet”, India cements its reput
PUBLISHED 13 April 2017

Congratulations University of Kashmir!

Still, A Long Way To Go
PUBLISHED 11 April 2017

Mirza Waheed: 'Violence will not end Kashmir conflict

The Kashmiri author discusses the conflict in Kashmir and the rise of Hindu nationalism in
PUBLISHED 09 April 2017

Art ----- Resistance

A story by Saqib Ali and Syed Muneeb Masood
PUBLISHED 07 April 2017

The widows on the Kashmir’s border

Dardpura, cannot have a better name, meaning “the hamlet of pain.” It is the home to 200 w
PUBLISHED 07 April 2017

When I date Back

A story by Syed Muneer Masoodi
PUBLISHED 06 April 2017

An ever-swelling and sweeping challenge

Great threat to the world peace and civilization
PUBLISHED 05 April 2017

End of Oppression or Oppressed

A story by Saqib Ali and Syed Muneer Masoodi
PUBLISHED 04 April 2017

Cups of Blood - by Asma Shah

Every street has a story about someone
PUBLISHED 03 April 2017

AFSPA --- Right to Kill - Syed Muneeb Masoodi

In Kashmir human rights are in files not on ground
PUBLISHED 02 April 2017

Kashmir: Kids killings go on unabashedly

Killings in Chadoora could become prelude to even bigger tragedy than 2016 summer uprising
PUBLISHED 01 April 2017

The Humanistic Dimension of Kashmir.

Srinagar based columnist expresses his opinion.
PUBLISHED 26 March 2017

Musa (AS)’s story in Quran

It shatters our marriage stereotypes
PUBLISHED 25 March 2017

Why the India-Pakistan War Over Water Is So Dangerous

Shared water resources threatens to turn up the violence.
PUBLISHED 24 March 2017

No law for the law.

A personal experience of a journalist with JKP.
PUBLISHED 23 March 2017

Freedom of the vale-Weapons of the weak.

Descriptions and analyses of open political actions dominate accounts of political conflic
PUBLISHED 22 March 2017

UP elections: bigotry goes mainstream

Installation of Yogi Adiyanath as CM supports obscurantism and duplicity
PUBLISHED 22 March 2017

Kashmiri Children Deserve A Great Future - By Muneeb Masoodi

Children are the most beautiful creation of Almighty
PUBLISHED 22 March 2017

Economic Dimension to Kashmir Struggle

CPEC, QTTA & much more...
PUBLISHED 21 March 2017

The Fifth Province Dilemma  - Z.G. Muhammad

the first step towards the “new Great Game
PUBLISHED 20 March 2017

Away from home - Shamim Shawl

Those who are living outside Kashmir feel the pains of separation and displacement
PUBLISHED 17 March 2017

Day when Kashmir was sold

The wishes of Kashmiris were never addressed by the British government
PUBLISHED 17 March 2017

Kashmir to benefit from CPEC

Impact of China Pakistan Economic Corridor on Kashmir
PUBLISHED 13 March 2017

Women ............ ? by Syed Muneeb Masoodi

No doubt the second name of woman is courage, patience, strength
PUBLISHED 09 March 2017

KASHMIR REDISCOVERED : Of Satanic Voices (Part-II)

In Kashmir the inseparable Shiva-Shakti rituals gained tremendous footing
PUBLISHED 03 March 2017

Let The Righteous Unite - Prof Ashraf Saraf

Canada and uk have chosen diversity, tolerance, multi ethnicity and human brotherhood
PUBLISHED 02 March 2017


To achieve Liberation (mukti) and enjoyment (bhukti)
PUBLISHED 23 February 2017

Hope Of Freedom

Human rights violations in kashmir In this long battle of conflict
PUBLISHED 20 February 2017

Pakistan’s Response to Hybrid War on CPEC?

The over 100 Pakistani martyrs who were killed over the past week
PUBLISHED 18 February 2017


Nobody knows what Kashmir actually is
PUBLISHED 17 February 2017

India’s Kashmir policy syndrome

A state of déjà vu surrounds over India‘s Kashmir policy
PUBLISHED 16 February 2017

Country without Common Sense

Everyone around is busy in trolling Zaira on social media
PUBLISHED 14 February 2017

Getting Humiliated - A Duty

Freedom Struggle is not an infection Injected in the Blood
PUBLISHED 13 February 2017

  Will Russia Mediate on Kashmir!

KGB actively coordinated R&AW of India for the creation of Bangladesh
PUBLISHED 13 February 2017

‘I will always write about Kashmir’

I had witnessed and suffered the first uprising firsthand
PUBLISHED 13 February 2017

China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor (CPEC) and Islamic Finance

A Unmissable opportunity for Sukuk issuance
PUBLISHED 11 February 2017

Hari Singh’s legacy

Prem Nath Bazaz wrote that Kashmiris faced unprecedented suppression
PUBLISHED 04 February 2017

CPEC’s prospects of expansion

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here
PUBLISHED 04 February 2017

Humans of Kashmir

Most people of Jammu and Kashmir were Muslims
PUBLISHED 03 February 2017

Kashmir Solidarity Day- The need of the hour

military and civil have continued to express solidarity with the inhabitants (IOK)
PUBLISHED 03 February 2017

International conventions and Kashmir

This article is an attempt to analyse the violations and disrespect of these conventions
PUBLISHED 01 February 2017

Kashmir Bleeds Me - Syed Muneeb Masoodi

Where shall I Find Answers to my Questions? The Lobbies of Delhi or the Forests of Tral?
PUBLISHED 30 January 2017

I’m dying of shame - State Holiday on Hari Singh’s B’day

It doesn’t happen often that I feel at  loss for words when I begin writing.
PUBLISHED 30 January 2017

CPEC — Beginning of a new era

Propaganda and disinformation
PUBLISHED 29 January 2017

Women’s Health: Critical Issues

…Lal Ded Hospital, the flag bearer
PUBLISHED 28 January 2017

Kashmiri’s living in IOK are preparing to observe 26th January as Black Day

On this day, Pakistani flags are raised at every building to demonstrate collective reject
PUBLISHED 24 January 2017

‘K’ a global concern, bereft of solution-

Kashmiris should be afforded the same right to self-determination
PUBLISHED 23 January 2017

Kashmir: Conflict main cause of depression

Number of people suffering depression in rural areas (84.73 percent)
PUBLISHED 23 January 2017

Facilitate NRK Investment in J&K

Notwithstanding what shade of political opinion we may fall under,
PUBLISHED 21 January 2017

Kashmir: South Asia’s Palestine - By U K Dar

Another bogey used time and again by India is that Kashmiris take part in elections
PUBLISHED 16 January 2017

Kashmir forsaken by A.G.Noorani

A G Noorani is an author and a lawyer based in Mumbai.
PUBLISHED 15 January 2017

Pak-India Water Dispute Accelerates 

India has never missed an opportunity to harm Pakistan since its inception;
PUBLISHED 15 January 2017

Agony of orphans and orphanages in Kashmir

Kashmir has 0.214 million orphans
PUBLISHED 11 January 2017


Kashmir and Kashmiris turned out to be completely different
PUBLISHED 11 January 2017

Dialogue is the only solution' to Kashmir conflict

There is no logic in denying talks
PUBLISHED 10 January 2017

The Geopolitics of South Central Asia and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

Geopolitically speaking, the South Central Asian Region (SCAR)
PUBLISHED 10 January 2017

Understanding Kashmiri Aspirations

An unprecedented uprising has just somewhat abated after five months
PUBLISHED 04 January 2017

AJK’s incredible hydropower potential

(AJK) stands abundantly blessed and endowed with one of nature’s riches,
PUBLISHED 04 January 2017

New regional allegiances - Russia, China, Pakistan for lifting Taliban sanctions

?One of the most interesting games, one can encounter, is the international chessboard, wh
PUBLISHED 02 January 2017

Changing Demography of Jammu and Kashmir?

It is an old story, whenever there is an upswing in the movement in the State for the cher
PUBLISHED 31 December 2016

United Nations and Kashmir Resolution

One of the stunning realities of our age is that UNO that was born to reassure the people
PUBLISHED 30 December 2016

A Constitutional Dishonesty: Settlement of the West-Pakistan Refugees

Yet again, the government is here to vitiate the atmosphere of J&K. How unfortunate is it
PUBLISHED 30 December 2016
Sohail Khan

Islam’s ‘golden age’

IN discussions on history, philosophy, and even policymaking, one often comes across refer
PUBLISHED 30 December 2016
Rasheed khan

Corrupt system

MUCH political practice and intellectual commentary currently revolves around the terms ‘c
PUBLISHED 30 December 2016
Ali Imran

The usual poison

WHO were these three men who had wandered into a part of Pakistan forbidden to them on Chr
PUBLISHED 30 December 2016
Ali Imran

OPINION Politics of urban water Politics of urban water

Karachi increases by 0.6 million people annually, but the water supply does not scale up c
PUBLISHED 30 December 2016
The dialogue must begin — for it is the only way forward
The US and its satellites are ensuring a century of more terrible state and non-state terr
Every individual must learn how to manage his or her thoughts.
IF the international community wishes to preserve its humanitarian credentials, then it mu...
It must be seen how far this rhetoric can go in actually addressing the Palestine question...
IT is a sobering, necessary warning. Accepting the Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday, the execut...
The stock market has long been known as a hive of insider trading, front running, wash tra...
EVEN though extremist militants have indulged in acts of numbing violence across the globe...