Outrage in India after health minister says cancer is 'divine justice'

Assam's health minister says certain people suffer illnesses due to 'past sins'.
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

A new look for Barbie

Can a corporation’s efforts to rebrand a product be considered a feminist act?
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

US condemns ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Rohingya Muslims

Tillerson's statement strongest US condemnation yet of military crackdown against Rohingya Muslim community.
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

Indian navy the odd man out in Asia’s ‘Quad’ alliance

Revival of 'Quad' must overcome New Delhi's lingering mistrust towards its allies.
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

Lebanon's Hariri returns home, shelves resignation

Hopes his move would lead to “a responsible dialogue”.
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

Hurriyet leaders pay glowing tributes to martyred youth in IoK

Huge number of people who attended the funeral procession of the martyrs should serve as eye opener to India, Hurriyet leaders.
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

APHC castigates police for creating chaos, humiliating Hurriyet leaders

“Jammu and Kashmir has been turned into a police state and detention period of those arrested is prolonged on flimsy grounds."
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

Al Moosvi expresses anguish over plight of political detainees

Says ill-treatment is being meted out to the political detainees and are lodged with hardened criminals.
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

Meeting Israeli delegation brazen disregard of Islam: DeM

Says all Muslims must understand that the Zionists and Muslims can never be friends.
PUBLISHED 23 November 2017

Israeli Jew's Instagram account suspended after Muslims protest photo at Masjid-

A photograph posted by Ben Tzion inside Masjid-i-Nabawi was viewed more than 30,000 times and received 3,500 comments.
PUBLISHED 22 November 2017
Can a corporation’s efforts to rebrand a product be considered a feminist act?
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