Eight Wonder - Science

This article is about the achievements of science from the time of Tesla to modern day.
PUBLISHED 20 March 2018

Irrationality of Kashmir insurrection – Part 1

This micro tale is for the youth of Kashmir who have been misguided and negatively motivated enough to join the untrue path of militancy.
PUBLISHED 19 March 2018

Stop Misguiding my Nation

The article is about how youth of Kashmir are misguided under a false banner of leadership.
PUBLISHED 12 March 2018

The Story of Aadil

By Maruj ul Muntaha
PUBLISHED 05 March 2018

The Anonymous Trend of Sarahah

By Maruj ul Muntaha
PUBLISHED 28 February 2018

Mental Health -- A Taboo

By Maruj ul Muntaha
PUBLISHED 26 February 2018

Eshas – A feeling

A place which has been bestowed with the title of "PARADISE ON EARTH"
PUBLISHED 22 August 2017

Victim of Tyranny -Ubaira Wani

We wanted a place, we wanted Kashmir that could offer people to explore its cultures, its beauty in its widest aspects.
PUBLISHED 18 August 2017

Defunct Education System (By Jahangir Zaffar)

Education is a key to humanity, if a person isn’t educated he/she is incomplete somewhere inside.
PUBLISHED 27 July 2017
He identified the arrested youth as Muhamad Rafiq Najar, Mudasir Ahmad Malik, Saqib Rashid
The family of deceased teenager has been exploring every option to get the FIR registered
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The article about the infamous Chattisingpura Masacare....