Eshas – A feeling

A place which has been bestowed with the title of "PARADISE ON EARTH"
PUBLISHED 22 August 2017

Victim of Tyranny -Ubaira Wani

We wanted a place, we wanted Kashmir that could offer people to explore its cultures, its beauty in its widest aspects.
PUBLISHED 18 August 2017

Defunct Education System (By Jahangir Zaffar)

Education is a key to humanity, if a person isn’t educated he/she is incomplete somewhere inside.
PUBLISHED 27 July 2017

Regret of Creation (By Syed Muneer)

What do these drugs do to us is make us forget everything for some moments
PUBLISHED 16 July 2017

No man’s Land – Kashmir about to become (By Syed Muneer)

Ours present is the consequence of our past, and is a feud impending from past 3 decades
PUBLISHED 18 June 2017

Resistance through art - Furqan Syed

Creative and artistic tactics provide a fun way for people to get involved.
PUBLISHED 22 May 2017

A Freelance Mourner - By Mehboob Makhdoomi

Sadness & condemnation are two different things
PUBLISHED 11 May 2017

Mass Rape – Justice yet to come : By Syed Muneer

I pour my gratitude towards you
PUBLISHED 01 May 2017

Story of Mushtaq Ahmad (a disabled man)

By Syed Muneeb Masoodi and Furqaan Syed
PUBLISHED 30 April 2017

I am born in Kashmir – A war zone - By Syed Muneer

My oppressor choose my destiny not me
PUBLISHED 29 April 2017
Here we lie in the world of modern era, in the world that would nearly put last nail in th
Today when I see this whole milieu full of terror, my mind latches some words that Kashmir
They say, ‘wars never end’. They are just draped by illusions of peace.
Those bodies with not a movement in them but still able to leave a family crying behind, ...
I can feel the real Kashmir breathing somewhere in those mud houses...
The memories of the last year that colored the Kashmir in red,...
Caught in the middle of tug of war ...
Fighting in the name of God is just out of greed not out of love for God...