India should approach third party for resolving Kashmir: Farooq Abdullah

Says, India has so many allies across the globe that can be approached for settling the di
21 July 2017

Indian forces must be declared terrorists internationally: DeM

The only aim of the Indian forces is to kill, maim and oppress the innocent people of Kash
21 July 2017

Kashmiri Pandits enquire about Gilani’s health

Kashmiri Pandits met Syed Ali Geelani at his residence and enquired about his health, disc
21 July 2017

Gilani says mysterious forces desperate to create chaos in IoK

Expressed concern over reports about desecration of “Hilali Parcham” and undesirable propa
21 July 2017

Hurriyet leaders' Memorandum to UNMOGIP office in Srinagar, UN HQs

The memorandum could not be given in person so it was mailed to the UNMOGIP office in Srin
21 July 2017

Thousands attended funeral prayers of Tanveer, clashes erupt in Beerwah

Tanveer Ahmad was killed in Army firing at Beerwah in Budgam district earlier today
21 July 2017

Indian police arrests Yasin Malik

The JKLF Chief was arrested after he tried to march towards the UN office in Sonwar as par
21 July 2017

DFP condemns continued house detention of Shabir Shah

Says the puppet administration has broken all records of tyranny and brutality
21 July 2017
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